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There was only one General Election in the Civil War - November 1864 - and Lincoln had to call his party by a different name in that election.

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The most common definition of a Radical Republican during the US Civil War was a Republican who viewed the war as a crusade against slavery. They were a minority in the party. But they were a vocal minority.

The South blamed the Republican party and the US President, Lincoln a Republican for its defeat in the Civil War. For decades, the South turned to the Democrat party when voting as they blamed the Republican party for its defeat in the US Civil War. The term " solid South" meant that Democrats could always count on Southern States for their support in elections.

During and after the US Civil War, the Republican Party became the dominant party of the United States. It was, however, a divided party. Lincoln had to balance the Radical Republicans, with more moderate Republicans and the War Democrats.

The Republican party came into existence right before the Civil War. Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican elected President of the United States.

Abraham Lincoln was the first member of the Republican Party to be elected President of the United States, in 1860. The Republican Party was formed in the years leading up to the American Civil War.

The most significant era where the US Republican Party had immense control of US politics was the era right after the US Civil War. Also in the early 1900's the Republicans also had a good advantage over the Democrats.

The question has the same answer whether it's about the world wars or the US Civil War. In both cases the main political parties were the Republican Party and the Democrat Party.

Because it had a republican form of government prior to the civil war. The fundamental form of the US government has not changed since its formation 234 years ago.

Yes. Abraham Lincoln was in office when the US won the Civil War.

The Republican Party is to the right of the party

The Republican Party, sad to say.

Souther leaders threatened to secede from the US and form their own country. They kept their threat and this eventually led to the US Civil War.

For the US Civil War; most likely the commander in chief; Lincoln.

The New York Times was edited by Henry Raymond, who had founded the paper in 1851. Like President Lincoln, he was a moderate Republican. He was once a Whig and then helped to form the Republican Party.

One significant political result of the US Civil War was what was coined as the "solid South". What this meant was that because President Lincoln was a Republican, and the majority of the Congress during and after the war was also Republican. The result was that the Southern States were solid supporters of Democrats. This is no longer the situation. One might say that certainly since the beginning of the Reagan era, the Southern States will vote on issues impacting them, not on party lines.

In speaking about the US Civil War, the US had the difficult problem of reuniting the former Confederate states into the US. This was a severe challenge as the Southerners had strong hatred for the Republican administration and believed that former slaves were not equal to whites.

In the US, the GOP (Grand Old Party) or Republican Party.

Sharecroppers were the group in the South least likely to prosper after the US Civil War. In addition many former wealthy plantation owners had enemies within the Radical Republican Party. Added to these groups were Southern families that had lost the heads of their households due to death and disease during the war.

The Republican Party is the Conservative Party in the US. (Techinally there is no Conservative "Party", but Republicans are considered Conservatives)

No, quite the opposite. The Republican party in the US is the more conservative of the two US parties.

During the US Civil War the US Congress was dominated by the Republican Party and their allies for most of the time were from the so-called "War Democrats". Congress was eager to end the Southern rebellion quickly and constantly criticized President Lincoln for what Congress believed was bad war planning.

democratic party and republican party.

NOT AT ALL, Since 1860, the Republican Party has been one of the two major US parties.

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