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Q: What is the Russian word for homosexual?
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What is the Russian word for black rooster?

"Черный петух" (Tchernyj petukh), but it's not very common, and be careful, петух (rooster) in Russian slang means "homosexual" as well.

What is the German word for homosexual?

homosexual = Homosexuell

How many syllables does homosexual have?

The word "homosexual has five syllables.

What is the Chinese word for homosexual?

Homosexual= 同性 or Tóngxìng

How many times is homosexual mentioned in bible?

The word homosexual is not mentioned in the bible, only references to homosexual behavior by males as an unapproved behavior.

What is the Japanese word for homosexual?

okama is a somewhat derrogatory word for gay people.

What is a fegala?

fegelah is a Yiddish word that refers to a man who is a homosexual or is thought to be a homosexual. It comes from the German word "vogelein," meaning "little bird."

Another word for gay?


What is a flamer?

A derogatory word for a homosexual

What is a big word for gay?


What is the slang word for gay?

Gay is a slang word for homosexual

What is the meaning of 'I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud' by William Wordsworth?

it is written to be a homosexual in a homosexual orientation of the word prostitute

What is the Russian word for naughty?

russian word for naughty

What is the Russian word for English word so?

the Russian word for so is tak.

What you another word for gay?

homosexual, homophile

What is a word that is the opposite of homosexual?

heterosexual (straight)

What word describes Andy Evans?


What is the Russian word for wonderfu?

Замечательно is the Russian word for wonderful.

What is Russian word for supreme leader?

russian word for dictator?

What is the word number in Russian?

The the word number in Russian is номер.

Russian word for mother?

The Russian word for mother is mama.

What is the Russian word for veto?

The Russian word for Veto is Beto.

What is the Russian word for courage?

мужество is the Russian Word for courage

What is the Russian word for wounded?

ранен is the Russian word for "wounded".

What does the Russian word svinya mean?

The Russian word svinya means: pig