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University of California requires at least a 1370 on the SAT.

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Q: What is the SAT score required to get in to uc riverside?
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What is the minimum SAT score required to get into UC Berkeley with a GPA of 4.0 or greater?


3 point 0 GPA about a 3 point 3 weighted with a 1790 SAT score What university can you get into?

If you live in Cali... I would say UC Riverside

What is the minimum SAT score required to get into UC Davis?

Last year i heard it was 1600 and above...but this year is like 1800+

What is the SAT score required to get into UC Santa Barbara?

Average SAT Scores:1871 Total , out of 2400Those who attend: (4,725 out of 23,183 admitted)HAD: 3.84 mean GPA; 1782 mean SAT score; 35% had GPA's of 4.0 and above.(Freshman undergraduates, 07-08)GPA: (UC/Weighted?)4.03; probably UC GPA (8-course AP/Honors Cap/Limit included)SOURCE:

When was UC Riverside Highlanders football created?

UC Riverside Highlanders football was created in 1955.

When did UC Riverside Highlanders football end?

UC Riverside Highlanders football ended in 1975.

When was UC Riverside School of Medicine created?

UC Riverside School of Medicine was created in 2008.

What SAT scores are required to attend UC Berkeley?

minimum 1800

Is uc riverside a public or private school?

UC riverside is a public school in the University of California system.

Where is UC Riverside located?

UC Riverside is located in Riverside California, which is in the southern part of the state. The school is part of the California University system but is one of the smaller schools.

What are the requirements for getting into Berkely?

Its basically like other uc. 4.0 and minimum of 1800 SAT score.

What are the requirements for admission in UC Davis?

Its hard to say how important my volunteer experience was, but for all the uc's you basically need to have a high gpa, at least a 1800, sat 2 math, another sat 2 test, some volunteer experience, clubs, sports, other extra circulars, and good essays. Average SAT math score:560 - 680Average SAT writing score:520 - 640Average ACT score:23 - 29GPA score:3.25

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