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how the salary after doing bba

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Q: What is the Salary package in jobs after doing BBA?
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What is stating salary of bba in aviation in India?

what is the starting salry of bba in aviation in india

Are there are more jobs for BCA than BBA?

no there no jobs for BCA graduates i m a BCA graduates n v have no value in any company we must have make our resume more heavier by doing extra professioal nad technical courses. BBA graduates get there jobs easily

What is starting salary of bba in India?


What is starting salary of bba?

29,000 to 35,000 per year.

BBA Starting Salary?

it depends, varies from $45000 to $60000

How much money does a BBA graduate earns?

I am a student in arts. Can i chance in bba.

What kind of job after BBA in India?

government jobs,

How much salary can one expect after BBA?

2rs per day,

What course is better BBA or BCom after 12th?

two of these are better... if u are intrested in bba you can go for that , but according to ur future if u select bba and go for a mba u will have well good salary job than the the private sector... if like bcom will get normal salary which is secured

Should i do MBA after BBA or else take a drop and have a work experience?

You should be doing some sort of Part time ..cause when you do your MBA have experience already and you start with good package there itself!

How much you can earn after doing bba?

5 rs

What are the jobs for a candinate after doing his bba?

Depending on personal preferences, Marketing Manager, Financial Manager, Project/Operations Manager and of course General Manager positions would be ideal.