What is the Scientific study of the structure of plants animals and human body?


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the study of plants and animals is called Biology

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There are many plants that have special structure to protect themselves from human and other animals. A good example is the poisonous ivy which produces urushiol and roses that have thorns for protection.

human dependence on plants and animals as we eat them

The plants and animals extincts its due to human activities.

Animals that eat plants as well as animals are known as Omnivores. Example, Human beings.

Animals that eat plants as well as animals are known as Omnivores. Example, Human beings.

How human beings have dominated and interfered with the natural growth of plants and animals

Animals that eat plants as well as animals are known as Omnivores. Example, Human beings.

The branch of science which studies iclude plants, animals, and the human body is life science.

Yes. Modern linguistics is the study of the structure of human language from a scientific approach.

Plants are independent , human being depend on plants and animals.

Human intervention has helped to protect plants and animals in Singapore in many ways. Ensuring that habitats are not destroyed, the number of animals and plants do not diminish too greatly, and creating breeding and botanical gardens in zoos are ways that people have protected plants and animals/

Humans need to eat plants and animals to survive. Animals need to eat other animals and plants to survive. Plants rely on the decomposition of animals and humans to survive. And the whole cycle is never ending.

use of non-human animals in scientific experimentation

other than plants and animals? you mean human beings?

Yes, all animals and plants have DNA

No animal has exactly the same body structure as a human, but there are some species which have a very similar body structure, such as a chimpanzee or an orangutan. Other animals such as an earthworm or a jelly fish have extremely different body structures.

They don't, according to current scientific proof.

human because plants breath carbine dioxide

plants provide human with fresh oxygen to breath,... provide animals with food that could be used as a source of human food.

Human existence, Human Habitation, Human Needs (food, water etc.) and Human ignorance

when plants and animals respire, carbon is returned to the air as carbon dioxide, and humans then beathe in the same carbon dioxide that was placed into the air by the decomposed plants and animals.

They are plants, human beings, animals, and others. :):)

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