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What is the Sunna?

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The Sunnah is the way of life of Prophet Muhammad, God bless him and grant him peace. Muslims strive to follow the Sunnah in everyday life. For example, they worship as Prophet Muhammad, God bless him and grant him peace, worshipped, eat the way he ate, solve problems as he did, care for the family as he did, etc.

It was the record of Muhammad's behavior and teachings.

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What are the Sunna and the Hadith?

Sunna is the practice, and Hadith is the saying of the holy Prophet (SAW).

When was Kim Sunna born?

Kim Sunna was born on 1987-06-14.

What does the German word sunna mean?

Sunna is not a German word. The closest German word is Sonne which translates as sun.

The Sunna or normative example for a follower of Islam is based on the life of whom?

The Sunna is based on the life of the prophet Muhammad.

Why are the Sunna and the Koran important to the Muslims?

The Qur'an and the Sunna are important to the Muslims because these two are the basic and most authentic sources of Islam. Any law or practice contrary to Qur'an or Sunna is Un-Islamic.

How do Muslims use sunna?

It is binding on all Muslims to follow the Sunna of the holy Prophet (May peace and blessings of Almighty Allah Karim be upon him). The sources of Islam are: 1. The holy Quran 2. The Sunna 3. Ijmah 4. Qiyas. Thus Sunna is the second source of Islam.

What are major sunni issues?

that the islam is not only quran but prophet muhammed sunna "what he do" ex: we know how to pray from the sunna not from the quran

Islam is based on the sunna and?


Is Bulent Inal a sunna or chia?


What has the author 'Abd al-Hafidh Wentzel written?

'Abd al-Hafidh Wentzel has written: 'Die Sunna' -- subject(s): Sunna

Total wealth of Muslim countries?

quran and sunna

Where do muslims get there beliefs from?

The Muslims get their beliefs from the Qur'an and the Sunna.

Best Muslims model for proper living?

the Sunna

What has the author Sunna Kuoljok written?

Sunna Kuoljok has written: 'Samerna' -- subject(s): Sami (European people), Material culture, History, Social life and customs

Hello dear you would like to know abulation is sunna or foraz?

dear i would like to know abulation is sunna or foraz iam ayub ali from abu dhabi

Why are the Sunna and the Qur'an important to Muslims?

The Qur'n is the word of Almighty Allah. Sunna is the saying/deeds of the Prophet (SAW). Both are the primary sources are Islam. That is why both are imprtant to Muslims.

What is the name of the customs based on muhammad's words and deeds?


A collection of the words and deeds based on the life of Mohammad?


What is the collection of oral traditions about Muhammad's words and deeds?


Is hadith the same as sunna?

If the hadith is authentic enough and reliable in the Rijal scholars' point of view then yes, any hadith that have been narrated from the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) or Imams or companions are considered as traditions or Sunna , but since both Shia and Sunni agree that there are dozens of fabricated and unreliable hadith even within the authentic resources, then one can not interpret just any hadith to be the Sunna. additionally it has been proved that there are many innovations in Islamic jurisprudence and laws entering Islam during the caliphate of 3 first caliphs so their acts or narrations can not be taken as the real Sunna because the Sunna is supposed to be the acts and words and life style of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and anything in contradiction with that shouldn't be considered as The Sunna.

What is the special book of Islam?

The special books of islam are the Quran and the Sunna

A body of law based on the guidance of the Qur'an and Sunna is known as?


A collection of short narrative reports of what Muhammad did or taught are called?


What book contained Muhammad's deeds and the way he lived his life?


WHAT two groups make up the Muslim religion?

Sunna & shia'a

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