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The Swedish word for John is John, but it is pronounced "Yon".

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Q: What is the Swedish word for John and how pronounced?
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What is the Swedish word for planet?

The Swedish word for planet is planet.It is pronounced differently in Swedish though. It is pronounced with the same a-sound as in the word park, and the e-sound is stretched out.

What is the Swedish word for ice?

The Swedish word for ice is is - pronounced like ease.

What is the Swedish word for steel?

"Steel" is "stål" in Swedish (pronounced like the English word "stall").

What is the Swedish word for wolf?

Varg (pronounced varj)

How do you say the word special in Swedish?

Special is special in Swedish. It is however pronounced differently.It is pronounced speciaal. Where the "c" is pronounced like an ordinary "s", and the i is pronounced too, unlike in the Enlgish version.

What is the Swedish word for life?

Liv (pronounced like "leave").

What is the Swedish word for hate?

To hate is att hata in Swedish.(Pronounced kind of like saying hawta.)

How do you say you in Sweden?

The direct translation of 'you' into Swedish, assuming the singular 'you', is 'du', pronounced almost like the word 'do' in English. If you are after the plural of 'you' (e.g. 'you all'), the Swedish word is 'ni', pronounced like the English word 'knee'.

How do you say no problem in Swedish?

Ja. < J > is pronounced as the English < Y > < A > is pronounced as the < A > in the English word < far > (based on the Received Pronunciation accent)

What is the Swedish word for spoon?

Sked (pronounced hweyd)

How do you say John in Swedish?

you say it the same as you do in english. names don't often change in languages. i am not sure why. hope this helps!!

What is bra in Swedish?

The Swedish word "bra" means good, well. The English word "bra" is behå (pronounced roughly beer-haw, both syllables equally stressed) in Swedish.