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Equal-Area maps are more of the true shape, and mercator distorts it more

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Q: What is the The difference between Mercator map and equal area map?
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In mapping what is the difference between mercator projection and an equal area projection?

the difference between mercator projection and equal projection is 250km apart from each other

What is the difference between winkel tripel projection and mercator?

What is the difference between Mercator projections, Equal Area Projections and Winkel Tripel Projections.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a Mercator projection and of an equal area projection?


Does an equal-area map or a mercator map show the true size of Australia?

A equal-area map shows the "true" size of Australia.

Describe the differences between a Mercator projection and a gnomonic projection?

A Mercator projection map is the most familiar and common to usage in primary education systems. Mercator projections model the continents and oceans into a flattened and rolled cylindrical format. In comparison a Gnomonic projection is also two dimensional and flat but it uses lines which are actual representation of point-to-point s indicating true distance. Another significant difference is scale as Mercator's can represent the entire earth whereas Gnomonics represent a geographical limited area. Lastly Mercator's have the difference of distortion and under representing the actual sizes of Greenland and Continental Africa.

How are the Mercator projection and the Goode's projection different?

The Mercator projection is used for world maps, and is most accurate between 30 degrees north and south latitude. The further away you go from there, the more exaggerated it becomes. The equal-area projection is also used for world maps, but only represents the continents in equal area with respect to their size, but not location. The conic projection is used for maps that show polar regions, such as Alaska. Imagine an ice-cream cone turned upside down and placed on top of a ball. The only accurate representation would be only in the circle that cone touches the ball.

What is the most used projection map?

Discounting the Mercator, which cartographers tend to HATE but is ubiquitous anyway... Probably the Lambert Conformal Conic projection, or the Lambert Azimuthal Equal-Area projection (used by the US National Atlas).

Difference between net irrigated area and gross irrigated area?

difference between gross irrigated area and net irrigated area

What is the common flaw for both the Robinson and Mercator projections of maps?

Both Robinson and Mercator projection have severe distortion close to the poles. The Robinson projection is neither equal-area nor conformal. The Mercator projection is conformal in that it preserves angles, however, it distorts the size and shape of large objects, as the scale increases from the Equator to the poles, where it becomes infinite.

Who would use a mercator projection?

Mercator projection is still in common for navigation, due to its unique properties, cartographers agree that it is not suited to large area maps due to its distortion of land area toward the polar regions.

What is the difference between the Norman French and Parisian French?

There is no difference in the language between Normandy and the Parisian area.

What is the difference between an area reference and a grid reference?

The difference between and area and grid reference is that an area reference always has 4 numbers, and a grid reference will always have 6 numbers