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How do you write grandma in Ukrainian?

Grandma in Ukrainian is "Babusia" Pronounced BA-BOO-SEE-YA

How do you say grandmom in Ukrainian?

Baba means grandma. you pronounce it baba as well. Sources: I am ukrainian ;)

What is the Ukrainian word for family?

The Ukrainian word for "family" is сім'я.

What is the word for grandma in mohawk?

the word for grandma is Onequetawh /Show pronuciation of word

What is the Ukrainian word for true?

The Ukrainian word for true is правда.

What is the Ukrainian word for white?

The Ukrainian word for "white" is "bilyy". The Ukrainian language has similarities to Russian and Polish languages, and is spoken by around 40 million people worldwide.

What is the British word for grandma?

Grandma or Gran

What is the antonym of grandma?

There are no antonyms for the word 'grandma'.

Which is the word for love in Ukrainian?

ukrainian ja tebe koKHAju (real true love)=ukrainian ja vas koKHAju==ukrainian ja pokoKHAv tebe=ukrainian ja pokoKHAv vas

What is the Haitian Creole word for grandma?

The Haitian Creole word for grandma is "grann".

What is the word for grandma in dirrerent languages?

another word for grandma is: abuelo (in spanish)

What is the Greek word for 'Grandma'?

Grandma = γιαγιά (pronounced yah-YAH)

What is 'No' in Ukrainian?

No in Ukrainian is simply ні (pronounced the same as the English word knee).

How to say christmas in Ukrainian?

The word Christmas translated to the Ukrainian language is "Різдво" (Rizdvó).

What is the word 'grandma' translated from English to Japanese?

The Japanese word for 'Grandma' is Obaasan. おばあさん

How do you say ladybug in Ukrainian?

In Ukrainian, the word is сонечко (sonechko).

How do you write the word brother in Ukrainian?


What is the Ukrainian word for grandmother?

baba or babushka

What is the Ukrainian word for hope?

Надія - Nadiya

What is the word 'grandma' when translated from English to Spanish?


What is the french word for Grandma Grandad?

grandma : mammygrandad : pappy

What is 'Grandma' in Vulcan?

I think the word is " ko'mehk-il "

What is 'grandma' in Latin?

The Latin word for 'grandmother' is Avia. The word for 'grandfather' is 'avus'. The word for 'grandson' is 'nepos'. The word for 'granddaughter' is 'neptis'.

Is the word grandma a compound word?

Yes, the word grandma is a compound word made up of 'grand' and 'ma'.

Ukrainian word that starts with letter J?

Sorry, friend. Ukrainian language uses the Cyrillic alphabet, in which there is no J.