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What is the Valence shell of k?

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The valence shell is the outermost electron shell containing electrons.

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What is the outermost shell of an atom called?

valence shell

What is the Valence shell electronic configurations of k?


How many electrons are in the valence shell of K potassium?


Which of the following have their valence electrons in the same shell?

a) K As Br

How many electrons does aluminum have in its valence shell?

Three: two in the K-shell, eight in the L-shell and three in the M-shell.

Why k shell has low energy than valence shell?

AnswerK-shell electrons generally have much larger binding energies than valence shell electrons. Can you give me a specific example or some more information to clarify your question? is energy level depend on electrons, i means is the shell having more electrons have more energy?

Is the furthest shell from the nucleus the valence shell?

The valence shell is the outermost shell of electrons.

Which element has 2 electrons in its valence shell?

Helium has two electrons in its valence shell. The valence shell is the outermost orbital shell of an atom.

What is the difference between a valence electron and a valence shell?

The valence shell is an atom's outer shell of electrons that is involved in chemical bonding. A valence electron is one of the electrons in that shell.

How many valence electrons are in an silicon atom?

if we do electronic configuration of silicon-atomic no.-14,give in k,l,m,n shell there 2,8, in valence shell there will be 4 electrons.

How many valence shell are in Yb?

One valence shell

How can the atom K obtain eight valence electrons?

by removing its 3s1 electron, leaving K+ and a complete shell of 2s2 2p6

Is argon atom larger than potassium ion?

I would say no. The potassium atom has 1 valence electron which is in the 4th valence shell. To form the potassium ion, it gives away this electron - thus becoming K+. Now, it has no electrons in the 4th valence shell - they are all in the 3rd valence shell. Argon also has all of its electrons in the 3rd valence shell. Also, K+ now has the same number of electrons as Argon. The reason why, at least I would say, argon has a larger radius than K+ is that even though they are in the same valence shell and have the same number of electrons, argon has one less proton than K+. This means that argon's nucleus does not pull in its electrons with quite as much force as K+. Therefore, the electrons (on average) are not as close to the nucleus as with K+. At least, this is how I would reason this out.

What is a valence shell?

The valence shell is the outer most shell or imaginary orbit of an atom containing <8 electrons. The electrons in this shell are called 'valence electrons'.

Is valence electrons and valence the same thing?

Valence means outer-most.Valence electrons are the elctrons that are furthest from the nucleus (outermost electrons).Valence shell is the outer-most shell.Valence electrons are located in the valence shell.

What are valence shells?

a valence shell is the outer shell of any atom

How many valence shell electrons does carbon atom have?

Carbon has 4 valence electrons on the valence shell.

How many valence electrons does vanadium have?

A valence electron is the number of electrons found in the outermost layer of an atom. An atom needs 8 valence electrons in order to be stable and undergo chemical reactions. Since vanadium is in period 4, it goes to the 4th shell, the N shell. When you draw the diagram you put 2 in the K shell, 8 in the L shell, 11 in the M shell, and 2 in the N shell. Most atoms should have 18 atoms in the M shell. Therefore, vanadium has 2 valence electrons.

How many valence electrons do nitrogen have in its first shell?

Nitrogen atoms do not have any valence electrons in their first shell, which is the innermost shell with only two electrons. No elements except hydrogen and helium have any valence electrons in this first shell. Nitrogen has 5 valence electrons in its valence shell, which is its second shell.

Which atoms have a single electron in their outermost shell?

Many atoms have 1 electron in valence shell e.g H , Li , Na , K , etc

How are electrons in an Oxygen atom arranged?

K shell of oxygen atom contain 2 electrons and the L and valence shell contain 6 electrons

What is the Valence shell of sodium?

the valence shell is the outermost shell of an atom that has free electrons for taking part in chemical reactions... the valence shell of sodium has one free electron

What kind of outer shell is an atom left with?

The outermost shell of an atom is called the valence shell. The valence shell contains valence electrons. These electrons are responsible for the chemical reactions.

Has Eight electrons in a valence shell?

These are the noble gases which have a complete valence shell.

What is a valence or shell?

The outermost energy level of an atom is referred to as the valence shell.

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