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The value of a Simmons Royal 16 gauge double barrel shotgun depends on a number of factors. Most important being the age and condition of the shotgun.

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The value of a Simmons Royal double-barrel 12 gauge shotgun varies by its condition.

The value of a Simmons Royal double-barrel 12 gauge shotgun varies by its condition. As of 2014 this firearm in excellent condition sell for around 150.00.

WILMONT GUN CO guns were made in Belgium from c.1880 to c.1915. Value is going to be low, with excellent examples under $400. Please do not attempt to fire the shotgun.

Possibly Enders Royal Service? Blue, Hound, Whistler are a few others

The "Enders Royal" name is associated with Shapleigh Hardware of St Louis, and Crescent was one of the several manufacturers. "Cannon Breech-Simmons Hardware Co" is found on single shot guns made by J. Stevens Arms Co. But I cannot locate any information that indicates a shotgun was made with both of these trade names.

No. What would the company that produced the finest American double barrel shotgun want with a utilitarian import?

try or you may have some luck there.

ROYAL STEEL was the marking that indicated the barrels were of fluid steel rather than Damascus. LC Smith introduced Royal Steel as an option on the F Grade in 1917 and by 1919 only Royal Steel was available on all grades.

Made by Anciens Etablissments Pieper, Leige, Belgium, c. 1900-1914. Value is as a wall decoration, from $50 to $250 depending on condition.

Not readily. You'll find that parts will need to repaired or made by a gunsmith.

yes one of ,Amy imported shot guns from belgum , not of great value 100 to 300 dollars most not safe to use with morden ammo, I also have one thanks

yes, it is made in spain. i happen to have 4 of them , which were all made custom to my grandfather.

The serial numbers all match. they are 25717. The stock is engraved Wells Fargo and Co. and is somewhat worn out over the years. Egraving on the face plate left side of gun, Enders Royal American. The Barrel is 21 inches long. In appearance it looks to be very worn and very old. It was sold to me as an original stage coach gun. Any info anyone has would be appreciated.

Carl Enders, Suhl Germany. Made high quality double barrel 12 gauge shotguns from 1835 to 1890. They had ornate checkering and engraved metal work. Depending on the condition and workmanship the value is between $500-$1150.

Some Enders Royal Service shotguns are Crescent Model 60's marked with Shapleigh Hardware's trade name, but some were made by other manufacturers.

Royal Damascus was a mark used by Ancien Etablisment Pieper of Herstal, Belgium, c. 1890-1914. T Barker is usually dismissed as "just another Belgian clunker", but with a silver escution and engraving, yours is probably better than the average utility shotgun from the period. I have heard that T Barker was a hardware outlet in California, but have no proof of that.

It's a high grade shotgun that is a Galkery Gun - hand engraved signed by Artist - very expensive

As a blended whisky (like most Canadian whiskies) there's no such thing as a barrel of Crown Royal. A bottle of crown royal contains whiskies from many different barrels, of different types, mixed together to keep a consistent flavor.

These were actually made by SKB in Japan and imported by Ithaca. Very nice little double, and really well balanced in 20ga. I have the SKB 'Royal Light' which was a similar model not imported into the US. Depending on condition, $500-$700.

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