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The Bahamas.

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Q: What is the West Indian Island that has the capital Nassau?
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What is the capital of grand bahama Bahamas?

the Capital of the Bahamas is: Nassau

What are three major cities in the Bahamas?

The three biggest cities are Nassau(population 238,132), Freeport(population 47,085), and West End(population 13,004)Nassau is on the Island of Grand Providence, while the other two are on the Island of Grand Bahama.Nassau is also the capital of the country.

Five cities in the Bahamas?

The top 5 largest cities in the Bahamas: 1.Nassau (capital)- 238,132 people 2. Freeport- 47,085 3. West End - 13, 004 4. Coopers Town - 9,069 5. Marsh Harbour- 5,728

Where is Love Beach Bahamas?

The Bahamas is composed of close to 700 islands. One of the most developed islands is New Providence, which sometimes mistakenly called Nassau. Nassau is the capital city and located on the north side of the island. To the west of Nassau is a popular tourist area called Cable Beach. Even farther west and in the center of the island is the international airport. Love Beach is west of Cable Beach, near the north-western end of the island. It is directly north of the airport. It is the beautiful "white sand and turquoise water" beach that the planes fly over when they are about to land. It is one of the nicest beaches on the island.

What is the capital of west indies?

Basseterre is the capital of Saint Kitts and Nevis, an island country in the West Indies.

What is the capital of calcutta?

Calcutta, is the capital of the Indian state of West Bengal.

What is capital of calcutta?

Calcutta, is the capital of the Indian state of West Bengal.

How far away in distance is freeport Bahamas from Nassau Bahamas?

There no islands in the Bahamas by the names of Freeport and Nassau. Your question should have been long is the island of Grand Bahama? Approximately 90 miles, The largest center of population is Freeport with a population at one time of over 45,000. The capital of Grand Bahama incidently is West End. Nassau is the capital of the Bahamas(the country). It is also the capital city of New Providence which is some 21 miles long by 7 miles wide.

When was West Nassau High School created?

West Nassau High School was created in 1936.

What is the Capital of Guadeloupe?

Basse-Terre is the capital of Guadeloupe, an island in the West Indies.

What is the capital of the largest island in the west indies?


What is the motto of West Nassau High School?

West Nassau High School's motto is 'Home of the Warriors'.