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it means wen u go 2 Virginia and lok 4 them

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West Virginia's state motto is "Montani semper liberi," which means, "Mountaineers are always free."

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Q: What is the West Virginia state moto?
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What is the state capital of West Virgina the state known as mountain state?

The capital of West Virginia is Charleston.

Which state is father west-Virginia or West Virginia?

West Virginia

What state is the closest state to Virginia?

Kentucky and west Virginia

What is the state seal of West Virginia?

it is west virginia's state seal.

What state borders Virginia on the west?

West Virginia is to the west.

What is the state nickname to West Virginia?

West Virginia is nicknamed "The Mountain State."

What is West Virginia's state bird?

The West Virginia state bird is a Cardinal

What is west Virginia's state horse?

West Virginia doesn't have a state horse.

What is West Virginia's anthem?

West Virginia has three different state songs. They are "The West Virginia Hills," "West Virginia, My Home Sweet Home," and "This is My West Virginia."

What state did West Virginia come from?

Virginia. That is why they call it West Virginia.

What state border west of Virginia?

West Virginia is the state that borders Virginia to the west, hence the name.

Does west Virginia have a ocean coastline?

West Virginia is a landlocked state and does not have a coastline or border the ocean.