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Microsofts official xbox/Xbox 360 customer support. They can help with xbox live setup, repairs, games, accessories, setups, configuration, and much more: 1800- 4- MY- XBOX

(1800- 469- 9269)


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If you mean repairs, in the US it's 1-800-4MYXBOX.

Xbox live Silver is for XBOX Live MarketPlace not for playing LIVE with you're friends that's what is the XBOX LIVE GOLD is.

Try if you live in the US.

can anyone tell me the number of messenger helpline i need ot talk to them asap, someone has hacked into my hotmail... ??

Silver does not have xbox live. It is free; but no xbox live!

Xbox live is shut down on original xbox.

For Sure Every Game On XbOX Has Xbox Live

Xbox Live gold is a way of getting xbox xbox live on your xbox. With xbox you can buy games, download gamer picturess, all of that stuff. Xbox Live gold is not a game.

you can do cheats on xbox live butif you get cought your xbox gets banned and no more xbox live

no but xbox live will work on xbox 360 live you said that rong you mean xbox live works on the x box 360

You do have to pay for xbox live.

Xbox Live is not free on the Xbox One.

They are for xbox live subscriptions for xbox live. If you have one go on your xbox and Settings, Xbox Live, Redeem Code and type the following digits on the card.

You will have to contact xbox live to find out.

Xbox live is just online you can get live for any Xbox such as Xbox arcade, xbox elite,the slim.Live is not a console.

you can not because xbox live has stopped supporting the normal xbox not 360

You can no longer play original Xbox games on Xbox Live.

Yes xbox live is available for the xbox 360

You dont the xbox mic was meant to be used with xbox live.

No, Xbox live you can buy in 3 different types 1 month of xbox live : £5 3 month of xbox live : £15 12 month of xbox live : £40

No, xbox live does not have a browser.

Yes because there is no such thing as Xbox 360 live because its the SAME EXACT THING as Xbox live.

You can check on your Gamercard in the My Xbox screen of the Xbox Dashboard. If you are signed into Xbox LIVE, it will display "Signed in - Xbox LIVE Gold" or "Signed in - Xbox LIVE Silver" on the bottom of your Gamercard.

The only way you can be in multiplayer you have to get xbox live account then you have to get xbox gold for it (-you have to buy it) after you get xbox live you can add your friends but they have to have xbox live and xbox gold to play with you.

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