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So you would say I have a BS in Paramed. Sci.

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Q: What is the abbreviation for Edith Cowan University's Bachelor of Science Paramedical Science Degree?
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What is the abbreviation for a degree in political science?

The abbreviation for a degree in political science is typically "B.A." (Bachelor of Arts) or "B.S." (Bachelor of Science), depending on the focus of the program.

What does BScstand for?

The full abbreviation of BSC is Bachelor in Science.

What is the abbreviation for the word science?

Sc as in a Bachelor of Science degree is BSc

How do you write Bachelor of science abbreviation in UK English?


What does the abbreviation BSc stand for?

Bachelor of Science It's a degree programme

What BS mean?

B.S. is the abbreviation for "Bachelor of Science".

BCs abbreviation of which degree?

You might be referring to a BSc (bachelor of science degree).

What does the BS in BS degree stand for?

Bachelor of Science. The full abbreviation is BSc

What is the full form of BSc?

Bachelor of Science can be abbreviated as BSc. The medical field used the abbreviation bcs for Blood Stem Cell.

What is the Bachelor's degree abbreviation?

It depends on what type of Bachelor's degree it is. The two basic umbrella categories are Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelor of Science (BS), but here are some other examples: Bachelor of Social Work (BSSw) Bachelor of Social Science (BSSS) Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) Bachelor of Arts in Education (BAE) Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Bachelor of Science in Education (BSEd)

Abbreviation for master of financial planning?

Typically, at the bachelor level it is a bachelor in science (B.S.)

What abbreviation do you place after the name of a licensed librarian?

B.L.S., B.Lib., or B.L.I.S - Bachelor of Library Science. MLIS - Master of Library and Information Science.