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a great website for actionreplay codes is Codejunkies. but the coding for stealing opponent and rental Pokemon is...

94800004 00000000

92249cf4 00002019

12249cf4 0000e00a

d2000000 00000000

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How do you take rental Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

There is no rental Pokemon in in Pokemon platinum

How you steal Pokemon in emerald?

You cannot steal Pokemon but if you have a gameshark you can put it into your GBA (Gameboy Advance) and enter in a code for stealing the rental Pokemon.

How do you steal rental Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

you grab it and say laterz cuz and when the guards come you utz them and the shuffle away

Is there a gameshark code to get a totodile in Pokemon emerald?

there is... but i don't know yet..or go to the battle frontier and then to the battle factory here's the code : Warp to Battle Frontier 19C67C656689 94318B106757 Then talk to the person...bla,bla,bla...go in...your Pokemon will be on the safekeeping,then choose 3 rental Pokemon...activate the code...when you go to the door,you'll have the rental Pokemon ! (This is called stealing rental pokemons) carefull ! these rental Pokemon will erase your Pokemon party..!

What is the Pokemon platinum action replay code to steal rental Pokemon from the battle factory?

Sorry, but there is no action replay code for that. . . But there is one to catch trainer's pokemon. . . I have it on MY action replay. . . but I forgot where I got it from. . . Look on google or ask, or something. . . whatever you think is best. you could also use pokesav to change your location though the game might act like your still in the factory so be careful i havn't tried it

Pokemon emerald code for stealing Pokemon in battle factory?

When you are about to enter the room where you are about to battle,hold down the L button,and you will be back at the entrance and you will have the rental Pokemon in your possesion. EDIT: you need gameshark warp codes =(

Do you have starter Pokemon in battle revolution?

Sort of. You choose which rental card you want to start with(male or female) and you get the Pokemon on there to use. You can go to the gateway coloseum to get the other rental card and you can swap Pokemon between rental cards.

Pokemon how do you get the Sinnoh starters?

well, in heartgold and soulsilver you can use it as a rental Pokemon or by trade. and for diamond pearl and platinum you can delete your old data and trade them one by one then when youre done you get them back by trade then you have all sinnoh starters!

Do you get Pokemon for beating Pokemon Battle Revolution on the wii?

you can get more rental passes, which have different Pokemon

Can you go to jail for not paying for a rental car?

I'm positive that not paying for something counts as stealing, and could get you in jail.

What Pokemon are available as Rental Pokemon on Pokemon Colosseum?

Well, you start out with Espeon and Umbreon, if that's what you mean.

Can you catch Pokemon in battle revolution?

No you can't,you can have rental Pokemon or transfer some from Pokemon diamond/pearl on ds.

Are Entei along with Raikou and Suicune rental Pokemon on Pokemon Stadium 2?

Yes Entei, Raikou and Suicune are all available as rental Pokemon in Pokemon Stadium 2 you can choose them at any time as long as your not playing little cup rules.

In Pokemon Emerald how can I steal a rental Pokemon from Battle tent?

I've tried to do what it says on u tubebut it didn't workModified by Wyra: There is no legit way to steal a rental Pokemon from the Battle Tent -- "legit" including glitches.

How do you unlock mew as a rental Pokemon in Pokemon Stadium?

Complete all the Stadium modes, the Gym Leader Castle, and beat Mewtwo in the VS Mewtwo mode and you will be able to select Mew as a rental pokemon in the Prime Cup mode.

What starter do you get on Pokemon Battle Revolution?

You do not get starters in battle revolution. You start with a rental pass with 6 Pokemon

When can you begin using your own Pokemon in movies at Pokestar Studios?

After you make the movie using the rental pokemon.

How do you get a rental pass in Pokemon Battle Revolution?

if you mean getting a new rental pass all you have to do is beat a colloseam and you should have some new rental passes to use in colloseam matches.

Can you get a rental pass with any legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Battle Revolution?

no you can't but you can transfer legendaries from your ds to your wii

How do you get more rental passes on Pokemon Battle Revolution?

After Beating Certain Colleseum's you'll gain access to new Rental Passes, there is 6 in total.

HeartGold how do you get to the frontiewr brains?

Same as in Pokemon Platinum. Battle Tower-Get a 21-Win Streak.(3 of your regular Pokemon) Battle Factory-Get a 21-Win Streak.(3 rental Pokemon) Battle Arcade-Get a 21-Win Streak.(3 of your regular Pokemon by luck of the roulette) Battle Castle-Get a 21-Win Streak.(3 of your regular Pokemon with use of Castle Points) Battle Hall-Get a 50-Win Streak.(1 of your regular Pokemon)

How do you get warp code to steal rental Pokemon?

yes. i do not know it, but you have to use the gameshark

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