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What is the action replay code for Darkrai?

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What is the Action Replay code for Darkrai in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver?

There is not a known Darkrai Action Replay Code for Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver yet.

Is their an action replay code for the Darkrai event?


How do you get Darkrai members pass?

You have to have an action replay and register a code to get it.

Pokemon pearl How do you get dakrai?

Get an action replay and get the code for the Darkrai Event.

Is there an action replay code to the Darkrai event?

yes.if you like,you can search youtube for it.

Where can you find Darkrai in platinum?

You have to have an action replay to get to Darkrai.

What is the AR code for spacial rend and roar of time on Darkrai?

Use action replay

How do you get darkai in Pokemon platinum?

Through action replay or by the events but sadly they no longer give out darkrai. so your better off with the action replay code

Can you get darkria in Pokemon Pearl?

Yes, you can get Darkrai on Pokemon Pearl. All you need is an Action Replay DS. I do not know the code, but once you have the Action Replay, on Google, look up, "Action Replay Code to get Darkrai on Pokemon Pearl" and you should get some codes. Action Replay is a little cheating thingy for DS and DSi. Plus i tried it using my friend Action Replay for DSi and it still didn't work. CHEATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you get Darkrai on pokemon soulsilver?

you get darkrai in a event, or an action replay

How do you catch Darkrai with action replay on Pokemon platinum?

1. get the walk through walls code for ar (action replay) 2. walk across the water 3. find an island 4. battle darkrai 5. catch him 6. have fun with darkrai!

Is there an action replay code that gives you a darkrai that has dark void on Pokemon mystery dungeon darkness?


What is the code in action replay to catch Darkrai?

You don't need one... but you can find it at, no doubt.

Can you make darkrai reappear at new moon island after you have already caught darkrai using an action replay code in Pokemon diamond?


Where do you enter the code of Darkrai?

You have to have an action replay. Then you go to the code list and select new code. Enter the info., and then the code. Sorry I don't have the code on hand.

How do you get Darkrai without event?

action replay

Can you get Darkrai?

yes by using an action replay

How do you find Darkrai with no event?

Get a Action Replay

How do get Darkrai in Pokemon Platinum?

action replay

HOW TO GET Darkrai on platinum?

Get action replay for the DS.

How to get Darkrai in Pokemon platinum?

Action replay

How do you catch Darkrai without internet connection and an action replay?

if you have action replay you can get darkrai with the walk through walls cheat. there are alot of videos about it on youtube

How do you get Darkrai on heart gold?

first u have to bye action replay and the press add new code and add the stupid code

How do you catch a darkrai without an event or action replay?

i think you might need to have a action replay

How do you acsses the locked hotel cancave?

umm its a action replay code i think it you fall asleep in the inn and then you can get Darkrai