What is the actresses name that place Raven on the TV show That's so Raven?

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Her name is Raven Symone. See her as a very young child on the Cosby show of the 1990's.
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Is that's so Raven canceled?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nThey finished filiming the show long before Corey in the House started promoting. I heard it from Raven herself when she was on Regis and Kelly.  You can still see episodes on Disney channel.  It was cancelled

Is that's so raven cancelled?

the raven show has been stoped until her daughter grows up it stopped coming on because she was growing up and that's why Corey in the house came on until that's so raven come back on....next season her little girl is going to be on the show that's why thei waiting till she gettin at least 4

Did Raven from that's so Raven die?

As a matter of fact, she did not. She is shooting a movie with Martin Lawrence called "College Road Trip." It's coming out in May. That is one of the reasons why she will not be playing as Galleria in "Cheetah Girls One World."

Who is phsychic in That's So Raven?

Raven is psychic in the show "That's So Raven".Raven is she gets visions of what is going to happend before it actually happens.

Who are the actors in that's so raven?

Main Characters. Raven Baxter - Raven-Symone. Chelsea Daniels - Anneliese Van Der Pol. Eddie Thomas - Orlando Brown. Cory Baxter - Kyle Massey. Tanya Baxter - T'Keyah Crystal Keymah. Victor Baxter - Rondell Sheridan. Minor Characters. Teachers. Senorita Rodriguez - Rose Abdoo. Mr. Lawler - ( Full Answer )

Why that's so raven is over?

Disney channel let Raven-Symone out of her contract (It has been rumored because she became overweight)

How old is Eddie from that's so raven?

That's So Raven ran over the course of four seasons. Eddie began as a 14 year old in season 1, and was 18 when the show ended. The show can still be seen on sites such as YouTube.

How old was Raven when she started That's So Raven?

Raven was 18 when she started "That's So Raven" in January 1993. This show was nominated in 2005 and 2007 for Emmy awards. The replays continued on ABC, each Saturday, until August 2011.

Why did that's so raven end?

The show ended because Raven and the rest of the cast were gettingto old to play the teenage characters anymore. It debuted on theDisney Channel on January 17, 2003, and ended its run on November10, 2007.

Why was that's so Raven cancelled?

That's so raven was cancelled because of two reasons. The first was because the actors were doing other roles. Like Raven was too busy with The Cheetah Girls. The other reason was because Cory in the House is about the dad and Cory moving to the White House. It is still the Baxters family. Just, no ( Full Answer )

Who is Stanley from that's so raven?

An annoying little boy who was Eddies neighbor, but started crushing on Raven and he also tricks Cory alot and ends up liking Chelsea too

Who was that's so raven in that's so raven?

I loved that programme! :) She is named Raven Symoné, singer as well as an actor, as you probably already know! :] x Raven Symone is now 25.She doesn't work in That's So Raven anymore because the producers thought the cast we're getting to old so they did one more episode for a special even ( Full Answer )

That's so raven sweeps?

A play she did at her school, it became a one woman show after everyone quit on her, but then they all came through for her in the end

Who is Devon on that's so raven?

Her boyfriend that had to move with his dad when his dad got married, but came back just in time for Raven's prom, but after that he wasn't heard of again

Was she 25 on that's so raven?

When the show started she was 18, in 2005, she was 20, so when the show ended in 2007, she was 22. So no, Raven-Symone was never 25 on that's so raven.

Why is that's so raven on anymore?

it isn't on anymore because raven got pragnant i don't know if she will ever do the show again ..but we al know that is was a very good show:)

How does the theme song go on the show That's So Raven?

here are the lyrics: if you could gaze into the future (future ,future) You might think life would be a breeze(life is a breeze) Seeing trouble from a distance(Yeah!)(go rae) But then it's easy {its lame}(oh no)(Take it to 'em) I try to save the situation Then I end up misbehaving(ohohoh ( Full Answer )

Can you buy seasons of that's so raven?

I bet somewhere you can buy them. I have all seasons of Full House on DVD so I bet you can pretty much get any show on DVD. Look online for it or check at stores like Wal-Mart and Target. I bet you will find it somewhere. Just keep looking. Your dreams will come true. Don't give up and give 100%.

Who are in That's So Raven?

the characters in the tv show "thats so raven" are Chealsey, (played by anneliese van der Pol) Eddie, (played by Orlando Brown) Raven, (played by Raven Symone) Cory, (played by Kyle Massey) and Victor, (Raven's dad on the show played by Rondell Shieridan) - Raven

Did that's so raven die?

That's So Raven did not die. The show had run for a long time, and the cast was ready to wrap up the show. Raven left to don more mature roles.

Why was that's so raven discontinued?

Raven Symone wanted to go down a different track with her singing career so they ended the show on Raven going to Design College though she did appear on Cory in the house on the episode "RAVEN in the house"

Is that's so raven funny?

That's So Raven was one of the highest rated shows when it was running. The show deals with real problems teens face. The show was very comic, but at the same time squeaky clean.

Why they don't show That's So Raven on Disney Channel anymore?

They don't play it on Disney channel anymore,because it lost peoples and interest and they came out with all that other sonny with a chance crap. But they play it on ABC from 10:00-11:00 on weekend mornings(: I love that showw!!(: correction : Raven Symone Was Getting To Old For Disney Chann ( Full Answer )

Why did the show That's So Raven end in 2007?

Well the truth is and I'm not being mean or rude but Raven was getting too fat to be on the show. And because of that Corey(Kyle Massey) made his own show called Corey in the house. But as a result not that many people watched his show and did not even make a second season. :(

Why did raven symon doesn't be in that's so raven?

Raven decided that she was ready to wrap up the show. She wanted to star in more mature roles. She had gained much attention from the show and was ready to showcase it in more etched out roles.

Was Eddie from that's so raven in prison?

It's probably best to search his 'Wikipedia' page written on him and that has all his info on it. It's not pervert-like. it does mention a few things about him running away... His real name is 'Orlando Brown'. Search him and you'll find out! Hope this helps :)

How old is raven on that's so raven?

That's So Raven ran for four seasons. Raven starts out as 14 and the show ends when she is 18. Reruns of the show are shown on disney xd.