Algae and Phycology

What is the actual temperature of blue and green algae?

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Blue green algae is otherwise called cyanobacteria (bacterial classification- prokaryote), green algae is eukaryotic. The pigment present in blue green algae is phycocyanin and chlorophyll in case of green algaeBlue green algaes kingdom is moneran and green algae is not moneran.

Blue-green algae Blue-green algae

A pond is an example of blue green algae.

No. Blue green algae are detritivores, not herbivores.

Who Discovered Algae. Who Discovered The Philippine Blue Green Algae? ... Gregorio Velasquez is the one who discovered the blue green algae

Nutrient-rich lakes or ponds may support rapid growth of blue-green algae (algae blooms). Blue-green algae are actually bacteria. They are called cyanobacteria after the blue-green pigments that they produce.

blue green algae is a type of bacteria

Cyanobacteria are called BLUE GREEN algae because Red,Brown,Green and Blue pigments are present in them and that's why they are termed as Red,Blue,Green and Brown algae.TAHIR SAJJAD

Blue-green algae belongs to the Protist Kingdom.:)

The scientific name for blue-green algae is Cylindrospermopsis raciborskii.

Blue green algae is toxic so I would take care with it.

Blue-green algae belongs to the Monera kingdom

its that blue green algae niche is providing food for animals

Blue green algae or cynobacteria are photosynthetic.They produce their food themselves.

Blue green algae are producers .

blue green algae has been rename to cyanobacteria because scientists thought that blue green algae is too hard to say

Philippine blue green algae by biologist Gregorio T. Velasquez

Blue green algae is a plant and yes it is made of cells with a nucleus.

Blue green algae are procaryo and mostly unicellular and form a source of food for other organisms. i.e, why blue green algae are called primitive organisms.

Algae: Red, Green, Brown and Blue(-green)

Prokaryotic cells are found in bacteria and blue green algae

fungi because it's bacteria and it's blue and green algae.

Black algae Blue algae Blue green algae Brown algae Golden algea Green algae Hair algae Marine algae Mustard algae Pink algae Red algea Spirulina algae String algae Here Are Some Types.... :)

Blue green algae was put in the kingdom of Monera because they are one celled.

blue green algae is formed when the water in which it is in doesnt wash away and decompose the harsh chemicals.

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