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Gauge is the equivalent of a "mil" which is "thousandths" of an inch.

Hence, a 20-gauge pool liner would be 20-mil which is 20 thousandths of an inch or 0.020" = 0.02 inches. A 30-gauge liner would be 30-mils or 0.03 inches.


Answermost above ground pools are 20 mil and in ground liners are usually 30 mil
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Q: What is the actual thickness of a 20-gauge or 30-gauge pool liner?
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What different kinds of in-ground pool liner vinyl are available and how do they differ from one another in characteristics and price?

Most of the differences refer to the thickness of the liner in mils and the design at the top or waterline of the liner

What thickness of vinyl pool liner is recommended for a 36 foot pool?

28 or 30 mil

How much pool liner do you allow at top for overlap pools?

That normally depends on where you are getting the liner from, but in most cases, you measure the pool diameter and actual pool wall height. When you order the liner, let the liner manufacturer know the liner is for an above-ground pool with an overlap liner. The liner manufacturer will then make the pool wall enough longer to allow several inches of liner material to fold over the top of the pool wall and anchor it in place with the liner locking strips.

How do you clean a liner?

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Can you paint a pool liner?

When you say a "pool liner" I am assuming you mean a vinyl liner as normally called a liner for short. If so then no, the liner cannot and should not be painted.

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Does a pool liner pad stop an existing leak?

The pool liner pad is placed underneath the pool liner to prevent items from cutting through the liner. If the liner is already leaking, the liner pad will not stop the leak.

What is the purpose of a Chimney Liner?

My friend suggest that I should get a Chimney Liner. What is a Chimney Liner?

When should a pool liner be replaced?

The time to replace a pool liner is when you have had enough of the liner. That sounds a little flippant, so what the heck does that mean? Well there are several reasons to replace a liner any of which are valid and all relate to you the owner. The first most common reason to replace a liner is the pool is leaking and will not stop. You have hired a diver and they cannot find any leaks and leaks and will not stop or there is a major cut in the liner. The next most common reason is the printed pattern on the liner is substantially faded or gone. This happens from UV light exposure and high chlorine levels over the years. Most people just hate looking at a faded liner and want to but vibrancy back in their pools appearance. Another scenario is the pool water chemistry has been poorly maintained and the liner is badly wrinkled. With chemistry there are two critical balances Total Alkalinity and Calcium Hardness. If the Total Alkalinity & pH are kept too low over to long a period of time the liner will wrinkle badly and this problem can only be corrected by replacing the liner. If the Calcium Hardness is maintained too low for to long a period of time the liner can become brittle to the point if you step on it the liner would crack. So it is recommended that you have your pool water professionally tested at least 3 times a pool season if your season is 6 months long and 6 times a year if you have a 12-month season. The least common reason is the people just hate the pool liner pattern and want something different. This can happen if someone buys a house and hates the liner pattern that is currently in the pool when they purchase the house so they replace it. The average life of a liner is about 10 years. The longest I have ever heard of a pool liner lasting was 25 years this was an in ground pool, of course there was no pattern in the liner for the last 15 years but the owners did not care. So as you can see the time to replace the liner is your choice. Keep in mind when replacing a liner the thicker the liner the more resistant to punctures the liner will be. If you are in a cold climate you will need a really thick liner. Standard mil thickness on in ground pool liners is usually 20 mil, 27/28 mil, 30 mil and 40 mil. For above ground pools life expectancy is 5-10 years. Liner thickness generally runs 16 mil, 20 mil, 22 mil and 27 mil.

What is a salmon bin liner?

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What is a overlap pool liner?

Overlap refers to just that... the liner overlaps the top of the pool. The other option is a hung liner, where the liner locks into a track..

What is the difference in gauge and mil when it comes to above ground swimming pool liners?

Gauge and mil refer to the thickness of the liner. To find the thickness when listed by gauge ask for the type of material and check for the converted value ( ie a 10 gauge liner may equate to perhaps a 0.14 inch thickness material , 8 gauge may be 0.12 inches etc ) The mil value usually refers to a millimeter thickness (ie 15 mil should be thicker than a 10 mil ) >KEEP IN MIND THAT THE MIL NUMBER IS NOT IN INCHES , so make sure what the mil value is given in millimeters or inches then you can compare the different thicknesses. If the pool dealer doesnt know the difference you may want to find another dealer

Will a chlorine burn on your pool liner crack the liner?

High concentrations of chlorine can and will destroy a vinyl liner.

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liner lock

Is there a paint for a vinyl liner?

no on paint! You will need to replace the liner.

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