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Q: What is the address for tama drums?
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What is the motto of Tama Drums?

Tama Drums's motto is 'The Strongest Name in Drums'.

When was Tama Drums created?

Tama Drums was created in 1974.

Is there a connection between Sanchez drums and Tama drums?

yes the word "drums".

What is the origin of Tama drums?

The Tama Drum Corporation originated in Japan in 1974.

Are PDP Drums also made by Tama?

No, considering the fact that PDP and Tama are competing brands.

What drums did nirvana use?

Dave Grohl of Nirvana usually used TAMA drums, and sometimes rarely Yamaha drums.

Are Are PDP Drums Also made by the Tama Company?

No, considering the fact that PDP and Tama are competing drum companies.

What is the web address of the Tama County Historical Society in Toledo Iowa?

The web address of the Tama County Historical Society is:

Where might one find reviews for Tama Superstar drums?

One may find reviews for Tama Superstar drums from a variety of different places. The first place to try is a music or drum magazine, such as Drum Magazine. Other sources include blogs and forums.

How much do tama drums cost?

Tama drum sets can cost around $1,500-$4,000 demanding on the quality and cymbals, toms. smaller ones are around $500-$1,499

What are the best snare drums available?

There are a lot of really good snare drums. Drum Workshop, Yamaha, Pearl, Tama, Gretsch, Pork Pie, and Craviotto.

What brand of drum does Lars Ulrich play?

Ulrich endorses Tama drums and Ahead drumsticks.

What drum set did Chad Channing use?

The peculiarly shaped drums that Chad used were North Drums. The set also contained some Ludwig floor and rack mounted toms. He used 3 snare drums: Rodgers, Ludwig and a TAMA. Chad used a combination of Paiste and Zildjian cymbals. The hardware was a mixture of Gibraltar, TAMA and some others.

What drums are better tama or pearl?

The answer is a matter of opinion. I say go to Google and type in tama or pearl. This will bring you to websites that have the personal reviews of musicians and drum experts. I prefer Pearl, but that is just me.

What kind of drums did Dave Grohl use in the band Nirvana?

Dave Grohl used a Tama Drum Set

What drums does Dave grohl use?

He played Tama Granstar kits in Nirvana and DW Jazz kits in Them Crooked Vultures.

What are the best drums for metal?

When looking for a drum kit, you want to know what sound you want. In this case, you want a low, raw sound. Most metal drummers endorse: Yamaha Tama Drums Workshop Pearl Ddrum

Where is the Tama County Historical Society in Toledo Iowa located?

The address of the Tama County Historical Society is: 200 N Broadway St, Toledo, IA 52342

What is the web address of the Fifes And Drums Of Yorktown in Yorktown Virginia?

The web address of the Fifes And Drums Of York Town is:

Where is the drum kit serial number on TAMA swingstar drums?

The Serial Number is usually on the Badge. Unfortunately Tama did not associate the number with a date so there is no way to cross reference it. You can however research the year of the kit by the hardware used that year. Good Luck

What are names of different kinds of African drums?

there are many. djembe, kutirinding, tran bat, fulla djembe, tama, dun ba and more.

Are rock wood drums a good brand?

Sorry, but this is not a very good brand. Goods brands include tama, pearl, yamaha, mapex, ludwig, and grestch.

What kind of drums does Don Henley play?

Tama and Ludwig then dw but i would love to find the exact details year sizes and finish and the wood of shells

How do you play Hei Tama Tu Tama?

how do you play hei tama tu tama or vairious maori games

What drum-set does Mike portnoy use in Liquid Tension Experiment?

he used a tradional 7 peice double bass metal kit, with 2 of the smallest made tama tom drums