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answer please my question before you?

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Q: What is the address for the online quiz where you identify superheroes from vague blocky representations of their torsos?
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How do you beat level 4 on a blocky Christmas?

how do you beat the level 4 on a blocky christmas

Is Minecraft blocky?

more blocky than block ontop of a block over a block made out of blocks brother.

What is the shape of a cattle?

Often blocky.

Does Mount St Helens spew pahoehoe pillow Aa or Blocky lava?

Mount St Helens produces blocky lava.

Can a stratovolcano erupt blocky lava?

Yes. Stratovolcanoes can erupt blocky lava flows, basaltic lava flows, or may erupt explosively.

What actors and actresses appeared in Blocky - 1984?

The cast of Blocky - 1984 includes: Charlie Carbone as Newsboy Richard Feola as Man in car (1) Robert Guzewicz as Policeman Michael Townsend Wright as Blocky Bess Vincent as Little girl on tricycle

What is blocky lava?

Blocky Lava is thick, viscous lava that does not travel far from the erupting vent. Blocky Lava usually oozes from a volcano past cool layers and forms fragmented, jumbled heaps of sharp-edged, smooth-faceted blocks. Hence the term.

How does blocky lava form?

Blocky lava is created when very viscous lava flows form large blocks rather than clinkers. Blocky lava has a thick crust, and less churning, which results to rough big blocks instead of hashed and sharp rubble.

How are blocky lava and aa lava similar?

it hurts to walk on both, and they are both lava. Aa is a rough jagged surface, while I have no idea about blocky lava.

How do you pass level 12 on a blocky Christmas?

you dont.

What type of lava does Arenal have?

blocky lava flow

What type of lava has low viscosity?

blocky lava

Is shaving gel similar to blocky lava?


How do you beat a blocky Christmas?

Keep trying, don't cheat..?

What lava is jagged and blocky texture?

aa (ah-ah) lava flows are super jagged in texture and can be called blocky. There are also block flows that are not as jagged but similar to aa. i think the answer is aa.

How do you get past level 3 on a blocky Christmas?

go straight down.

What is the geology term AAA?

Aa is a term for a blocky type of lava.

What rocks are composed of minerals that form with blocky crystal shapes?


Where does blocky lava form?

It forms in a hole of rcks or dirt and magma in there to;)

What nicknames did Irving Block go by?

Irving Block went by Blocky.

Does Mauna Kea have Aa Pahoehoe pillow or blocky lava?

It has Aa lava

What are the three types of lava?

Pahoehoe lava, Aa lava, and Blocky lava

What are the symbols or script on the hyperdub logo?

very reectangle-y and blocky N

Types of lava?

Blocky Lava, Pahoehoe Lava, Aa Lava, Pillow Lava

What are the three types of lava flow?

Pahoehoe lava, Aa lava, and Blocky lava