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What is the address of the state capital with longitude and latitude coordinates?


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Um, what state? If you're looking for this information for any reason than to send a letter - expect the FBI to be knocking at your door in 3... 2... 1.... Check google earth @


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which capital has the coordinates of 50n latitude,98w longitude

No capital has the coordinates of 50'N latitude and 98'W longitude. The place closest to these coordinates is the country of Mongolia.

Coordinates of its capital, Panama City: Latitude: 8°58′N Longitude: 79°32′W

Coordinates of its capital, Guatemala City:Latitude: 14°38′NLongitude: 90°30′W

Coordinates of its capital city, Caracas: Latitude: 10°30′N Longitude: 66°58′W

Brazil's latitude and longitude is 14.2350° S, 51.9253° W

The coordinates of Bucharest are: 44025'57" North and 26006'14" East

Singapore is the capital and is located at 1.3 N, 103.8 E

These are the coordinates of Samoa's capital, Apia, since Samoa is relatively small.Latitude: 13°50′SLongitude: 171°45′W

Approximate latitude: 47°N to 55°NApproximate longitude: 5°E to 15°E Coordinates of its capital, Berlin: Latitude: 52°31′NLongitude: 13°24′E

Approximate latitude: 29°S to 46.5°S Approximate longitude: 113°E to 153°E Coordinates of its capital, Canberra. Latitude: 35°18′S Longitude: 149°08′E

Approximate latitude: 56°N to 69°N Approximate longitude: 12°E to 23°E Coordinates of its capital, Stockholm: Latitude: 59°21′N Longitude: 18°4′E

Approximate latitude: 18°S to 55°30′S Approximate longitude: 67°W to 76°W Coordinates of its capital, Santiago: Latitude: 32°26′S Longitude: 70°40′W

(Roughly) from 6o to 15o E longitude and from 47.5o to 54.5o N latitude. Germany's capital city, Berlin, is at 13o24' E longitude and 52o31' N latitude.

Accra is centered at about 5.57° north latitude 0.24° west longitude. It's only about 380 miles from the "zero-zero" point of geographic coordinates.

Approximate latitude: 50°N to 51°30′N Approximate longitude: 3°E to 5°30′E Coordinates of its capital, Brussels: Latitude: 50°51′N Longitude: 4°21′E

Approximate latitude: 5°30′N to 20°30′N Approximate longitude: 98°E to 105°E Coordinates of its capital, Bangkok: Latitude: 13°45′N Longitude: 100°29′E

Approximate latitude: 34°S to 47°SApproximate longitude: 165.5°E to 179°ECoordinates of its capital, Wellington: Latitude: 41°17′SLongitude: 174°27′EThe latitude and longitude of Wellington, the capital of New Zealand is 41° 17′ 20″ S, 174° 46′ 38″ E.

Approximate latitude: 17°35′N to 18°35′N Approximate longitude: 76°'W to 78°30′W The coordinates of its capital, Kingston: Latitude: 17°59′N Longitude: 76°48′W

The latitude and longitude of the capital Canberra is latitude 35.18 Longitude is 149.08about 135 degrees

The capital of Slovakia is Bratislava, and the latitude and longitude are as follows.Latitude = 48.15º N (48º9'0" N)Longitude = 17.12º E (17º7'12" E).AnswerBratislava:Latitude: N 48° 8' 54.9492"Longitude: E 17° 6' 27.8928"

The south end of Runway-36 at Khartoum International Airport is located at 15.5761° north latitude 32.5533° east longitude. The north end of Runway-18 is located at 15.6029° north latitude 32.5531° east longitude. Other spots around the capital city have different coordinates.

what is the latitude and lobgitude for india's capital

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