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The adjective form of patience (noun) is patient.

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Q: What is the adjective for patience?
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Is patience an adjective?

Patience is a noun.

What is the adjective form of patience?

The adjective form is patient.

What is adjective form of patience?

The adjective form is patient.

Is patience an adjective or a verb?


What is the abstract noun for patients?

The abstract noun form for the adjective patient is patience.

What is preposition for patience?

The noun patience is the abstract noun for the adjective patient. A few prepositions could be used with this noun, including of (the quality of patience), for (the pastor asked for patience), and with (working with patience).

What is the verb of patient?

Patience does not have a verb form, but you can describe a person as being patient, or waiting patiently, or as having a lot of patience.

What is the adverb for patience?

The adverb form for the noun patience is the adverb form of the adjective patient: patiently.(or the negative adverb, impatiently)

How do you spell the noun form of the adjective patient?

The noun is "patience" (a patient manner, forbearance).The adjective patient (forbearing) is a homonym of the noun patient (person receiving medical care).

What is the adjective for sports?

exciting, astonishing, fascinating, amazing

How do you say patience in french?

patient(e) is the adjective; the noun is un malade. Improve What is above is correct but patient(e) is also a noun used by medical staffs un patient - une patiente

Does impatience have a prefix and a suffix?

Yes. Patient is the root word, and an adjective. (As in: "the patient man") "-ence" is the suffix, used to make the noun "patience" ("He showed patience") And "Im-" is the prefix added to negate the noun. ("He showed impatience")