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What is the advantage of a salt water pool?


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March 18, 2012 3:58AM
  • Salt water pools do not hurt your eyes if you swim underwater.
  • They also are good on your hair and to not leave huge tangles and is safe on color treated hair.
  • Salt water pools do not smell like chemicals when you walk near them.
  • You don't have to fool around with chemicals when starting your pool you just add salt or water when it tells you to.

Without getting into a scientific explanation, you add about 3,000 pounds of salt to an average size pool, The salt water running through the generator creates chlorine. You still have chlorine in your pool, just not via liquid, tabs or granules. Since the generator runs when your pool system runs, you tend to get more even distribution and levels rather than adding chlorine manually once or twice a week. Many people say they like the way the salt feels on their skin, even though the salt level is much lower than your tears.

The disadvantages of the system are initial cost of the generator, you have to clean the salt cell regularly (if you don't you'll be forking out another $600 for a replacement) and you will use more muriatic acid than a traditional chlorine pool uses.

You still have to test your salt pool water at least weekly for pH, alkalinity and calcium.