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Probably Uberti. Look on the underside of the barrel for manufacturer's logo/markings. The "USMR" marking is historically accurate and appeared on original Walker revolvers. Stands for 'United States Mounted Rifles' which was the regiment of the designer.

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What is the value of a 1851 44 caliber revolver blackpowder 9in barrel?

that would depend on if the revolver was original or reproduction, makers name and condition

How do you find out if a revolver is factory engraved?

By asking the factory to check their records on that serial number revolver. It may cost for the research.

How much is a colt revolver with grip engraved with cattle and eagle?

What is the grip made of?

What kind of ammo does a Iver johnsons 32 revolver 5 shot?

givin your info id say .32 Rimfire (blackpowder)

How many grains of fffg blackpowder do you use per chamber in a .44 cal 1858 Remington New Army Revolver?

Roughly 40 grains, but it will vary depending on round ball or elongated bullet. We would urge you to contact the manufacturer for an owner's manual for your revolver. Many makers have manuals available on line, or free for the asking from their customer service department.

What is the value of a 44cal Wyatt Earp smith and Wesson engraved revolver?

50-550 usd

Where on the frame of a colt single action army revolver is the serial number located?

On the underside of the frame

What is the value of a smith and Wesson serial number ccr2294 65 of 250 engraved revolver?

500 or so

What is the age of a US Revolver Co 38 caliber hammerless revolver SN 27300?

Between 1910 and 1930. Many (all?) of these were meant to fire blackpowder cartridges only--Modern smokeless powder may not be safe, and it will accelerate wear to the gun.

How much is a black powder revolver no A53978 engraved by W L Ormsby May 16 1843 worth?

i have found this old revolver in a pawn shop for 20 bucks how much is it worth

What is the lug on a revolver gun?

A bit of metal on the underside of the barrel. The ejector rod snaps into the lug when the action is closed.

What revolver did Chuck Norris carry in Lone Wolf McQuade?

Engraved and nickel plated Smith Wesson Model 29

Who is or was the revolver manufacturer that used the emblem of a horse on hind legs with circle around it?


How do you load a fllipietta black powder revolver?

Here is a link posted in the related links section, to the basics of loading a revolver. Remember to always keep your face and fingers away form the muzzle and the the open end of the cylinder.

Most Accurate Large Caliber Pistol at 50 yds.?

You will have to define what "large caliber" means to you and weather the pistol is a revolver, singleshot, blackpowder, rifmfire, centerfire, pinfire, semi-automatic.

What was the Manufacturer date of a Smith and Wesson Model 640 revolver with serial number CHJ8825?

@ 04

What was the Manufacturer date of a Smith and Wesson Model 640 revolver?

Impossible to answer without a serial number.

What is the value of a Spanish 6 shot revolver in 38wcf caliber manufacturer Crucero?

50 or so

Value of a uberti 1873 cattleman sa revolver engraved?

50- 5000 USD depending on the engraver, engraving, materials used, etc..

What is the value 32 caliber 1925 revolver?

Anything from nothing to thousands of Dollars. There's no way to narrow it down more than that without knowing who the manufacturer is and what model the revolver is.

What was more expensive a blackpowder pistol or blackpowder revolver?

It all depends on several factors. Some of those old blackpowder pistols are gold inlaid with fancy engraving, while others were plain Jane guns, the same goes for the cap and ball revolvers. As for modern reproductions of the old guns, they're pretty much the same price. I have 6 modern reproductions, 5 are 1858 Remingtons and one is a double barrel percussion pistol and they were all around the same prices.

What is the manufacturer date of a Smith and Wesson revolver 357 Model 27 serial number S 139379?


What is the value of a Jongen Freres Brevete 7mm pinfire revolver with a low serial number and a highly engraved body?

With an antique weapon, you will need to get a professional appraisal. I have seen weapons in an 'excellent' grading from this manufacturer, in 12 mm, offered for over $1200. But condition and rarity are key. Take it to a gun dealer that sells pre-1900 guns.

What is the history of a Colt revolver made in sept 1843 with ships engraved on cylinder?

You will need to get a letter from Colt. They cost between 100-300 USD depending on exactly what you have.

How much is a Colt revolver with cattle engraved ivory handles?

Way to little information. What kind of Colt Revolver? Single Action Army? Python? Diamondback? What condition is it in? A set of new ivory grips with a steer head would set you back 800 or so.