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Around $250

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โˆ™ 2012-07-26 16:47:17
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Q: What is the age and value of a 16 gauge savage model 755A semi-automatic serial598796 with engraving on the receiver?
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Where can you find a ammo magazine for a cooey 22 semiautomatic?

savage arms they bought out cooey

Where can you find an assembly diagram for a Savage model 64 22caliber semiautomatic long rifle?

Contact Savage. They are still in business, making good rifles.

What is the value of a 1952 12 gauge Savage Model 755A automatic with engraving?

800 dollars

Where is the serial number on a Savage Model 24?

Look on the receiver and/or barrel

How can I find the age of a Savage Arms Model 24?

These was made from 1950-1965. The gauge of shotgun and caliber of rifle can help pinpoint a manufacture date. As well as small details, such as is the barrel grooved for a scope? Any engraving on the receiver? Where are the selectors located? What type of metal is the receiver made from? This is the best site overall for all questions and discussion about Savage Model 24s: Good luck, they are great guns!

How do you find a receiver for a Savage Model 755A?

You can try WWW.savageparts.comthey handle a large number of parts for savage Stevens arms

Who made a 22 caliber rifle marked ranger 101 18 short long long rifle semiautomatic?

Savage model 87A

Does anybody know where you can find info on a savage model 3 22 caliber it has a 24 barrel and a metal butt plate?

The savage model 3 or 1903 as it is refered to was made by savage arms company from was made in 5 different grades.The standard slide action,the grade EF which had B grade checkering on fancy english walnut stock,with a savage #22B front sight and #21B micrometer open rear sight.The expert grade had A grade engraving on the receiver,and B grade checkering on fancy walnut stock.The grade GH which had A grade checkering on a plain walnut stock,no engraving with the above listed sights.The gold medal model had animal ornamentation on receiver,less elaborate checkering on plain walnut stock,and standard sights. If you are asking about the savage No.3 then these were made from 1931-1945 by savage,with a total production of 121,000 guns made.

What does the a stand for in 755a savage?

The savage model 755A was different than the standard model 755 shotgun,because it had engraving,were the standard model did not.So the A stands for the engraved model.

What is a savage 170 model a with engraved deer jumping and weaver scope worth?

Depends on who did the engraving, if its any good and if anyone will want to buy it. Engraving can lower the value of a weapon if not done well.

Where is Serial number on 30-30 savage 99 lever actions located?

It should be located on the bottom of the receiver, on the leading edge of the receiver next to where the receiver and the fore arm meet.

What is the age and value of a 16 gauge Savage Model 755A semi-automatic serial 599652 with engraving on the receiver?

Made in the 1950's. Value is primarily as a shooter, and rarely gets over $250 even in excellent condition. Most of these today are found with cracked stocks.

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