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How do you find a receiver for a Savage Model 755A?


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You can try WWW.savageparts.comthey handle a large number of parts for savage Stevens arms


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The savage model 755a was the follow up model to the Savage model 720 auto loading shotgun which was made with John M Brownings patent.The model 755A was available in 12,or 16 gauge with a barrel length of 26in,28in,or 30in.Various chokes,rounded off receiver,and checkered pistol grip stock.These were produced from 1949-1958.

I feel that any savage model 99 rifle finish in the manner you describe,should be appraised by a qualified gun collector that specializes in the savage model 99.You may find more info on the model 99 at the same named web site,on the internet.

I do not think that they make larger clips for the Savage model 62.I know for certain that they do not make larger clips for the Savage model 64.

How do I get in touch with Savage Arms Co. and not this site? Bruce

Made by Savage/Stevens and is basically the same as the Savage Springfield Model 18.

your savage model 6 was made from 1938-1945 with a total production of 45,500.

Try on They list stocks for the Savage Model 99. I have bought several from this sight for my Model 99 Collection.

savage has this info on the savage gun collectors site, google it.

I just bought one, and all I have been able to find out so far is that the bolt is the last part to come out, after extensive disassembly. I need a manual, just like you!

There are a few places you can find a Rear sights for a Savage Model 120. The most popular place to look would be online or a gun store.

Contact Savage Arms Customer Service through their website.

These was made from 1950-1965. The gauge of shotgun and caliber of rifle can help pinpoint a manufacture date. As well as small details, such as is the barrel grooved for a scope? Any engraving on the receiver? Where are the selectors located? What type of metal is the receiver made from? This is the best site overall for all questions and discussion about Savage Model 24s: Good luck, they are great guns!

If it was manufactured before 1/1/1969, it probably doesn't have one. If manufactured later, it should be clearly marked on the receiver.

The savage model 24V was made from 1967-1989.for a specific year you would have to contact Savage customer service directly.

Made for Sears Roebuck. Same gun as the Savage Model 6 or Stevens Model 87. Savage made these from 1938 to 1968.

As of today 15 Dec. '08 there are two on line for $500. Google Savage 170 for sale.

Probably at Savage customer service website (Savage bought Stevens in 1920)

The model number is stamped on the right side of the receiver on many Stevens products.

your Western field model 60 shotgun was made by savage for Montgomery Wards.The Savage model 620A is the model designation for your shotgun.If you go to savage,s web site you should be able to find the date these shotguns were made.

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