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The Model 620 was produced from 1926-1945.

2006-07-17 16:53:26
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What year did browning produce the western field model 30 shotgun?

This Shotgun was made by Stevens their model. 520. Made from 1930's to 1950'S Although the shotgun was Browning patent marked, it was not made by Browning.

What year was the Stevens Browning model 620 16 gauge shotgun manufactured?


What is a Browning ranger shotgun?

The Stevens Model 520 was built on a Browning patent and so marked. Stevens also built the gun for Sears before World War II under the 'Ranger' tradename, so if you have a slide-action shotgun marked 'Ranger' and 'Browning Patent' then that is what you have.

Where is the serial number on the browning Stevens arms model 620 pump action shotgun?

Check the receiver and barrel.

Value of Browning shotgun?

It depends on the browning model of shotgun you are asking about,and the condition it is in.

What is the pump shotgun that has the name westernfield and model 35 on itThe receiver similar to browning a-5?

You are probably thinking of a Stevens model 520

Where can you get a manual for a 12 gauge pump shotgun that has Browning Patent engraved on the barrel?

You need to identify the make and model of the shotgun. Dozens of different makes of guns show a browning patent on the barrel. Recheck and re-ask the question - Thank you

Is a Stevens doublebarrel shotgun witha 1915 patent date and engraved goose on the receiver amodel315?

I believe that is a model 311. I have the same double barrel.

What Stevens shotgun has plastic stock?

The model 5100 Stevens shotgun has a plastic stock

What is the value of J Stevens Model 37 shotgun?

need information on stevens-springfield model 37 410 shotgun

What is a Stevens model 95 shotgun worth?

Whats the valve of a Stevens model95 12ga shotgun

What is value of Browning Model 8 over under 20 ga double shotgun fully engraved marked b 8 on action with 5 digit serial number?

You need to get it lettered by Browning.

What model shotgun is Browning with serial number 04768MR136?

I would like to start first with the serial number.The letters MR in the middle of the serial number indicates that your browning shotgun was made in 2007.With that said,if you have a pump shotgun then you have a browning BPS.If you have a over/under shotgun then you have a browning citori.If you have a semi-auto shotgun then you have a browning gold model.

What is a browning belgium shotgun model 15505?

No such model number.

What is the value of a Stevens model 124B shotgun?

The value of Stevens model 124b shotgun is about anywhere from 800 to 1600 dollars depending on the shape of the gun

Did Stevens make a model 337 shotgun?

All my records indicate that stevens did not make a model 337 shotgun.If your stevens shotgun is marked U337 under the receiver,this would be a serial number,not a model number.

How old is a Ranger Sears and Roebuck 16 gauge shotgun model number 102.25 with serial number 27369?

I must first say that sears did not keep any production records of the shotguns they bought from various makers.your sears model 102.25 was made by Stevens.The model of your shotgun is Stevens model 520A. These john browning designed semi auto shotguns had the hump back design noted on browning shotguns.these Stevens model closely resemble the savage model 720 with the same john browning design,and these were made from 1930-1949.

What is the model of a pre 1964 browning 12 gauge over under shotgun?

If your over under shotgun was made prior to 1964,then the model of your Browning shotgun should be named the superposed.

What is the value of a browning 12 gauge model 51?

Browning never made a Model 51 shotgun.

When was this Stevens 20 gauge shotgun serial model 9478 serial C892491 made?

The stevens model 9478 shotgun was made between 1978-1985.

What model of Browning shotgun you have serial number 25230PP?

You will have to call Browning and ask

What model browning shotgun serial number12103N57?

You must call Browning to find out.

What year model is your Stevens model 94 m shotgun?


How much is A westernfield model 30 a shotgun worth?

The Western Field model 30 shotgun is a Stevens model 520 shotgun that was made for Montgomery Wards.The value of a Stevens model 520 slide action shotgun is between 75-120 dollars on today,s market.

What model is a sweet sixteen shotgun browning?