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What is the age and value of a 30-30 Winchester Model 1894 serial 9780?



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According to Madis's "The Winchester Handbook" (somewhat of a bible for Winchester fans) that s/n, 9780, was assigned during the first year, 1894, of production. The problem here though is that Winchester did not introduce the 30 W.F.C. (that which we now call the 30-30) until 1895. The barrel, by the way, should be marked "Winchester 30-W.F.C." Barrel markings were not changed to 30-30 until sometime in late 1920's, (I believe). This is confusing, but we must remember that government control , and subsequent required records keeping, of the firearms industry in thoes years was probably non-existent. I think, though, that I would look at that firearm again and confirm the s/n and caliber.