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I don't know the value but my grandfather was born in 1888 & left one for my dad. He said his best friend gave it to him when his son shot himselft with it. I'm guessing early 1900's. The value in mine is purely sentimental.

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Where are Springfield Savage Stevens shotguns manufactured?

Westfield, MA

What is the value of a Stevens savage arms westfield model 89?

Between $170 and $250.

What is the age and value of a 20 gauge Stevens Model 9478 or 9476 single barrel shotgun serial D420056 made in Westfield Massachusetts by Savage Arms?

About $100.00 based on condition.

What is the value of a savage over under shotgun 410 ga 22 long 24b made in westfield massachusetts by savage arms corporation?

Depending on overall condition,these combination firearms will range in price from 185-325 dollars.

Who made the 410 Ranger 101 bolt action shotgun?


Where can you find an owners manual for Stevens for model 258B shotgun?

Probably at Savage customer service website (Savage bought Stevens in 1920)

What is the age and value of a Savage Model 30F Shotgun?

Your savage model 30F was made by savage/stevens from 1970-1975.

How do you remove the barrel of a Savage Stevens Model 311 shotgun?

hire it done.

What is age and value of a Stevens savage model 3110 double 12ga made in westfield mass?

50 years old

What is a JC Higgins model 101.40 12 gauge shotgun?

Stevens 947y This shotgun is a Savage 940,940Y,or 940B

What is the age of a Stevens Savage model 94 twenty gage shotgun?

These were manufactured from 1926 to 1945. If it is marked with both the Savage and Stevens names, it was probably made after 1941.

Where can Manuals for Stevens Model 416 a bolt action 22LR and a Stevens Model 77E a 410 pump shotgun be found?

Stevens and Springfield merged with Savage. Check customer service at Savage arms.

How old is a Savage 220l-d shotgun?

It was made in Westfield, Mass. around 1968. It was the first of these to have a 3" chamber.

How much is a Stevens savage model 94 with no cerial number worth?

The savage/stevens model 94 single shot,shotgun is worth between 40-95 dollars.

What is the value of a Stevens Savage Arms 77BC shotgun?

From $130 - $200 depending on condition.

What is the price of a savage Stevens model 940 20 gauge shotgun?

Do not get any ideas

Who made model 267 20 gauge coast to coast shotgun?

Savage Stevens

What company is currently producing the Stevens model 22 410 shotgun?

savage arms

Value of a Savage Arms Stevens model 77m shot gun?

The exact value of a Savage Arms Stevens model 77m shotgun is actually dependent upon a number of factors. Some of these factors would be the age and condition of the shotgun.

How old is a Stevens Model 940A 12 Gauge Shotgun and any other information including Savage Arms Corporation Westfield Mass. U.S.A.?

My grand father pass a way left me a 12 gauge shot gun and i wanted know more about it there is letters on barrel they zy27 can you tell me what year it is what price it would be now

Where can you get information on wardswesternfield model 30sb662a 12ga pump shotgun serial 87354?

you may find some info at the savage arms website.This was the maker of your shotgun,savage/stevens.

When did Stevens Arms move to the Westfield MA factory?

Savage Arms bought Stevens in 1920, and from 1920 through 1946 guns were made under both names at the Savage plant in Utica NY and at the Stevens plant in Chicopee Falls MA. In 1946, all operations were merged into the Chicopee Falls location, and then all operations were subsequently moved to Westfield MA in 1959.

Age of Stevens model 530a 16 gauge shotgun?

How old US a Stevens savage model 530a 16 gauge

What years were the Stevens model 521 12 gauge shotgun produced?

The Savage/Stevens no 521 was made between 1930-1932.

What years were the Stevens 12 gauge shotgun model 94F made?

A Savage Stevens model 94 shotgun was made from 1926-1945,there were 934,000 made during this time frame.