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Need to know EXACTLY how the gun is marked. All the barrel markings including patent dates, etc.
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Q: What is the age and value of a J Stevens single shot 22 caliber 7 inch long barrel top loaded handgun serial number 38968?
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What ammunition is loaded into 30 caliber rifle?

There have to be at least 20 different shells in current production that can be loaded with a .30 caliber bullet.If you look at the barrel of the gun, the chambering should be stamped into the metal.

How many bullets can you have loaded in your handgun in your car in the state of New Mexico?

No limit, however, you need to check the state law on ANY loaded handgun.

How do you take apart a gecado 25 cal?

To take apart the Gecado .25 caliber rifle, you will begin by making sure that the rifle is not loaded. Remove the retaining pin at the base of the barrel and remove the barrel.

Can you carry a loaded weapon in Oregon?

If you are in a place like Portland or Oregon City that restricts loaded carry by people who do not have concealed handgun licenses, you may not have a loaded firearm in your vehicle. Furthermore, if it is a handgun, it must be carried openly or "not readily accessible."

What states can you have a handgun in the car when traveling?

You can have a handgun in any state while travelling, however only a few states allow you have it loaded and accessible.

Can you carry handgun in your car in Syracuse NY?

You can legally transport it unloaded and inaccessible, but to have it loaded and accessible, you must have a NY handgun carry permit.

Is legal to transport a loaded handgun across Illinois?

No. The gun must be unloaded and in the trunk.

Is concealing a loaded handgun in a public place where a minor found it considered reckless endangerment?

Yes concealing a handgun of any make and it becomes a more serious offence when the gun is loaded. And it now becomes a reckless endagerment to the public.

Can a non felon drive in their car with a loaded handgun?

The majority of states prohibit driving with a loaded handgun unless the person possessing the gun has a carry permit. Some states do allow keeping a handgun loaded in the car but require that it be locked away. Texas is interesting - loaded guns must be out of sight. Other states, like Maryland, are incredibly anti-gun and take their laws seriously. In California, if you carry a loaded gun or part of a gun (e.g. a loaded clip) in the car and it is not in a locked container, you will go to jail and you will be charged with a felony.

What is the history of a J Stevens Arms 12 gauge double barrel shotgun with a nylon stock that loads by breaking the barrel open?

Most all shotguns are loaded by "breaking the barrel(s) open, particularly double barrels. Do you mean "Nylon" or possibly teonite. Stevens put a teonite stock on model 5100's (I know, I purchased one in July, 1947 in Beaumont, Texas) right after the war was over. .

Can handgun be loaded in glove compartment in sc?

No way Jose. it can't be kept loaded or in reach. It needs to be in the trunk or it's a major bust if you are caught.

Can you put pellets in a BB gun?

While many pellet guns are configured to be able to fire regular BB's, most BB guns cannot fire standard BB caliber pellets. To fire a pellet, the BB gun would have to be a breech loaded or break-barrel loaded design, and the pellets would have to be loaded single-shot.

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