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C.1947. Value in what I consider "good" condition is around $350.


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Look under the lever of your Marlin rifle.

We need the model and condition, not the serial number.

That appears to be a Marlin serial number, dating to 1982. The Marlin Glenfield Model 25, in pristine condition, would bring $100-$125.

The Marlin model 30G serial number 3512 20 gauge shotgun is valued at $350 in good condition. It is valued at $750 in excellent condition.

Depending on condition,$ 800.00 to $1.500 If you are wondering when your Marlin was produced,the serial number indicates that your Marlin model 1893 rifle was made in 1904.

Around $350, depending on condition.

you would need to supply a serial number and model number,along with the condition of your marlin to get a value.

The Marlin lever action 38w, serial number 41436 is valued at $700 in excellent condition. It is valued at $500 in fair condition.

I found the value of a Marlin/Glenfield (similar serial) to be at about $2,700. I'm looking too, but that's the price I was able to find.

This cannot be answered without you providing a detailed description of the shotguns overall condition,and the model of Marlin shotgun that you have.

$150-$250 depending on condition.

50-100 dollars depending on condition,and a good bore.

A D prefix indicates 1947 mfg. Values are based on condition, and no condition specified.

I have a mod. 336 30/30 that confirmed serial through Marlin Firearms. The serial located on tang directly under hammer.

The serial number on marlin 336rc is under the lever of the gun

$225-$300 in top condition.

What is the age of my Marlin rifle if the serial number is 26,000,000 plus

Confusing question: If you have a Marlin with the serial# 1893 it was made about 1881-1882. If you have a model 1893Marlin then send me an email with the serial # or repost your question with the model 1893 serial #.C6787

The rifle is a marlin 336. Serial number is located on the lower tang under the lever.

Age is 1954. Values are based on condition, and you failed to say the condition.

The prefix letter K to your serial number indicate that your Marlin model 336SC (sporting carbine) was made in the year 1953. Without a detailed description of your Marlin rifle's overall condition, it is difficult to assess a value. As a general rule these Marlin rifles will bring between $250 and $400 on today's market depending on overall condition being good or better with a good bore, and wood.

it is worth about 100 to 200 in perfict condition only

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