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This question cannot be answered because Winchester never made a 34-A Wingmaster 22 caliber. The "asker" should take the gun in hand and copy down exactly everything that is stamped on the gun and tell where it is stamped. "WINGMASTER" is a Remington Trademark so Winchester cannot use it. Chances are that the model "34-A" may not be complete or correct. Remington made a lot of 22's to the point of "ridiculous-modelitis" . They did make some 22 caliber rifles with smoothbores that shot .22 caliber Rimfire Shotshells at tiny clay pigeons that were thrown from a springloaded target thrower that actually was attached to the gun. They were marketed using the term "SKEETER". The smoothbore versions are worth approximately 50% more than the rifled version of the same model and, of course, conditon oand originality are the predominant factors. Don Schiimpff Redding, CA

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Q: What is the age and value of a Winchester Model 34-A Wingmaster 22 caliber?
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