What is the age and value of a Winchester Model 94 3030 serial number 2890546?

The year of manufacture for serial number 2890546 is 1965. Conventional wisdom is that '94s (and others) manufactured after 1964 are not collectibles (I have a gorgeous '65 that I love to shoot just for fun (and to reduce the deer population). Typically, a '65 will go for around $200-350 in "pretty good", or "real good" condition ("real/pretty good" is not to be confused with any NRA or Blue Book standards but might be considered "real close" to very good to good). These are "shooters;" not collectibles - an investment in fun and utility. Go off to your local sporting goods store to see what a new one costs and deduct about 20-30% or so (depending on the condition of yours); Try a gun show (and deduct another 10% for the dealer's BS factor), or ask some local hunters to find out what they'd pay for one. Just like here in WV, everything's relative. -j.