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You add them when they get their drivers license, or anytime after that.


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In the state of Texas you do not have to list your child on your policy. If living in your home you can enlist a separate policy for that child. If living in another home it is never a requirement to have them on your policy although there are some policies which certain insurance companies write which require the child on your policy while living in your residence.

All drivers should be listed on your policy to be a covered driver. you should add your child to your auto policy for proper coverage.

my son is on my auto insurance policy but he has moved to florida and I live in Michigan. Can he still be covered on my auto policy if he now lives in florida?

in 1998 changes were made to one child policy. they said you could have secong child if you live in the country side.

Yes, you can have your own auto insurance policy. If you are a minor though, you will need your legal gaurdian to countersign your application for insurance coverage.

This is a question best answered by your insurance agent or a call to your insurance company's 800 customer service phoneline.A bit more:Unless the insurance regulations have changed since I was a licensed auto and homeowners insurance agent: If your child is of legal adult age and not living with you, then no, you don't add him to your policy. Actually, many insurance companies wouldn't allow you to include an adult child (or any other adult) who does not live with you to your auto insurance policy.

it depends on what state you live in and the age limit of child support in that state

If the child drives any of your vehicles, yes. If the vehicle is in the child's name, no.

if you are listed as a driver on their policy, you are covered

Depends on what the law says where you live or your child support agreement. Usually 18 is the limit.

You must list the garaging address on the policy (not a P o Box). The vehicle is rated based on the zip code where it is garaged. Say parents live in rural Georgia but their child drives a car to college and stays in the dorm. The vehicle that the child drives to college will be rated based on the Atlanta address while the other family vehicle will be somewhat less expensive as they will be rated at the home of the insured. You can have multiple garaging address on an auto policy.

Connecticut does not have a set age limit as to when a child can pick a parent to live with. A judge will listen to their preference but it ultimately is up to the judge to decide.

just went through depends on the age of the child...but mostly~Yes, you can.

You are responsible for any cost that exceed your policy limit. If this is the case, they can take you to court. Depending on the state you live in, wage garnishment is a definite possibility. In certain state, they can make you sell your home to use the asset to pay someone's medical bill in such instance. Do yourself a favor and get an umbrella liability policy. Such a policy will coverage any shortage on your auto insurance in increments of $1 million dollars. Contrary to belief, they are rather inexpensive. Typically costing only a hundred and fifty or so a year...

The auto policy needs to be in the name of the person who owns the vehicle with few exceptions. The exceptions deal with a family situation who live in the same household. Vehicles titled to a husband or wife can be insured on a policy in the others name if they are legally married. Also children such as a 19 year old child who owns a car can have it insured on his parents policy if he still lives in the household and is listed as a driver on the policy.

Children need to be added to your insurance when they are 15 years old even if they do not have a license or have a learner's permit. Most companies will not charge for the child until they receive their regular drivers license. They need to remain on your policy as long as they live in your household. There is not real maximum age limit. If they are off in college they are still a member of your household. If they are over 150 miles away or more and don't have a vehicle the company will discount the amount charged for them because they will only drive when home.

As far as I know about that question, I don't think there is an age limit. I think it all depends on the situation, and what's best for the child.

In 1974 China reached a million population, so they introduced the one child policy. They did this because of the lack of resources. Children born under this policy who were a second child have grown up without being able to go to school, get any government resources nor have identity papers. They live in a shadowland.

If he drives your vehicle, then he is a known driver. All known drivers are required to be scheduled on your auto insurance policy.

Is your boyfriend listed as a driver on your auto policy? Does he live with you? If you do not have him listed as a driver on your policy and he is a regular driver or if he resides with you he must be listed as a driver on your policy. This is a part of your policy terms. If you do not abide by the policy terms the company can deny the claim due to material misrepresentation. This means if you lie to them they don't have to pay the claim.

the factors limit where plants and animals can live is that a forests

Some people people feel that the one child policy s helping China provide space for its citizens to live but the parents who have 2 or more children might think that it is bad because they will be losing their kids.

No. You policy states that you must list all household members and drivers of any of your vehicles no matter how often. Especially in the situation of a child who is related to your by blood or marriage. Be very careful with issues like this. You are not paying the company for the premium due them for this driver so you have no right to expect them to pay the claim when the person have an accident. The can and will deny the claim. I have seen it done and it states your requirements in the policy.

I think it is dumb that you can't have more than one child if you live in China cause kids wont have any brothers or sisters to play with.

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