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if it's a 380 caliber then made about 1924

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I found a 1903 hammerless .32 with that serial number made in 1925.

Colt model 1903 hammerless .32 with that serial number was made in 1931. About 78 y.o.

If you are talking about the model 1905 pocket model it was made from 1906-1940.with the serial number provided yours would be made from 1910-1926 as it is a typeII,with no barrel bushing.If you have a model 1908 hammerless it was made in 1911 with the serial number provided.

You can call Colt and give them the serial number or you can look it up in the Blue Book of Gun Values.

A Colt Model M (also referred to by collectors as a Model 1908 Pocket Hammerless) in .380 ACP serial number 38366 was manufactured in 1920. For more information on this and other pre-WWII Colt firearms, visit .

If you mean the 1908 Hammerless pocket pistol, the range is: Exc VG Good Fair Poor $500 350 300 200 100

I find 1909 for a Colt 1903 pocket model .38

A Colt model 1903 hammerless .32 with that serial number was made in 1907.

If you are looking for a manual, go to the link below and scroll down to Colt .25 hammerless for a magazine try:

Stevens was in business from 1864-1950. They did not have a "pocket pistol" model, but DID make a "pocket rifle" model from 1869-1916. Am aware of no specific production data based on serial numbers.

Go to this website, and scroll down to Colt .25 or Colt .25 hammerless and it will give you the manuals with all the instructions on how to disassemble.

If it is the Colt model 1908 hammerless .25, then it was produced around 1915.

The Colt pocket model 1908 hammerless .25 # 232265 was mfg'd in 1920. (232000-280499) if 25 cal......made abut 1920

What is the value of 1903 colt pocket pistol.32 calibre?

Between 1921 and 1982, MAB made several pistol models in .25: model A vest pocket pistol model B vest pocket pistol model E pocket pistol model GZ pocket pistol (actually made under license by Spanish gunmaker Echasa, as MAB Espanola) The value will depend on which model it is, which version of that model, and condition. Since 2010, the range for the above pistols is about $50 - $300.

This pistol is a .32 caliber Pocket Hammerless Colt Semi Automatic Model 1903 (M1903). It was was munufactured in 1914 (s/n 162404). A search of the online gun auctions reveal prices from as low as $300. Depending upon its condition, accessories, and documentation, they can be worth much more. Have it evaluated by someone qualified to appraise Colt pistols.

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