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This gun was made in 1950 and is chambered for 2 3/4" 16ga shells.

2007-12-23 03:53:54
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Did the Belgium Browning A5 with a 8xxx serial number ever have a safety behind the trigger?

By this 4 digit number, the gun was made in 1904, but it would be an FN gun. Sure there isn't a Letter above or preceding the number? Cross Bolt safeties were introduced with some guns in 1951, and standard by 1952. Any Front trigger safety could be converted by the Browning service center to a cross bolt safety.

What is the age of a Browning Sweet Sixteen with the safety on the front of the trigger guard?

Before the 1950's.

What year did Browning change from the front safety to the cross-bolt safety on the classic A5 shotgun?

1952 was the first year that FN made Brownings with the cross bolt safety as standard. I have seen a few guns made in 51 with the cross bolt and I have seen at least one 1952 gun with a front trigger safety. Many of the older guns were converted by Browning to switch the front trigger safety to crossbolt. You can tell this if there is a slot in the front of the trigger guard. If the customer paid, he could have a new trigger guard installed along with the conversion, thus it is not possible to date a gun by the safety alone. FN continued the front trigger on their guns that they sold worldwide until the early 60's. These were not Browning Arms Co. guns

I have Browning sweet 16 safety on front of trigger guard what make and year is it?

Call Browing with the serial number and they can tell you.

What is model and mfg date of Browning 12 gage semi auto made in Belgium on right side of barrel SN 201622 Browning Arms Co St Louis MO on left side of barrel has variable choke?

You have a grade 1 Auto 5 made in 1938. It has the front trigger safety. auto5man

Can trigger on Browning X- Bolt be adusted lower than the 3lb limit?

It is possible, but, recommend it not be done. Safety issue.

Browning 12ga special steel shot gun the safety is in front of trigger guard how old is it ser?

No serial number provided

How do you repair safety on Belgium browning auto 5?

Dissassembly of the trigger guard is required. Recommend a qualified Gunsmith to do the repairs. There are online books and videos on how to repair an A5. Try the American Gun Institute or "AGI" for info on the repair DVD for the A5. Link is below

When was my Browning Semi-automatic serial number 260898 made?

This gun should be a 12ga with a front trigger safety made in 1948.

What is value of 1949 Browning A-5 front trigger safety 24inch mod choke factory barrel?

50-550 usd

I have sweet 16-1948 SN X18xxx that does not have gold trigger has 3 holes in barrel ring and scripted sweet sixteen on left side why no gold trigger?

Answer If the gun has a cross bolt safety, it means that it was converted by Browning. This gun was made with the safety in the front of the trigger guard. Many times the gun would be converted and the new trigger was blued. If your safety is in the front of the trigger guard, then best explanation would be that it was replaced from repair, or that the gun was refinished. A sweet 16 that came from the factory at FN would be rare not to have a gold trigger. The answer is most likely something else besides a mistake from FN. If it's important to you, contact Browning and see if you can have them plate or replace your trigger.

Does a glock have safety?

Yes and no. The Glock does not have an external safety that is operated by the shooter. The safety mechanisms are controlled by the trigger, and function when the trigger is pulled. If the trigger is NOT pulled, the safety mechanisms prevent the firing pin from moving forward and striking the cartridge. However, if a Glock has a cartridge chambered, AND you pull the trigger, the gun WILL fire.

Where is the safety on a 520 shotgun?

It is a lever inside the trigger guard, forward of the trigger.

What is a trigger lock?

A trigger lock is used for gun safety. It is a mechanism that goes over the trigger and locks to prevent the trigger from being pulled.

How do you reverse the safETY on a browning bar rifle?

You will have to call Browning to see if it is even possible.

Does a glock pistol have safety on it?

One is on the trigger

What is value of 1949 Browning A 5 front trigger safety 24inch mod choke factory barrel?

Your shotgun will bring between 350-550 dollars,depending on overall condition and a good bore.

What is the value of a 1969 Sweet Sixteen with a plain barrel gold trigger and a safety in the trigger guard in very good shape?

The safety has always been in the trigger guard of the A5. Early guns had a front-to-rear safety in the front of the trigger guard. Yours should have the later style crossbolt safety behind the trigger. Plain barrel Sweet Sixteens in excellent condition will bring $1000. They drop off fast as they get toward 80% condition. In 'VG' condition, $650.

What is the name of the safety feature that blocks the movement of the trigger preventing disengagement of the sear surfaces between the trigger and the hammer thus preventing the weapon from firing?

hammer safety block

What three safety features are incorporated in the design of the M9 pistol?

Beretta M9 pistols have a manual slide safety, a drop safety and a trigger safety.

How do you use the word ' trigger' in a sentence?

Example sentence - The gun had a trigger guard on it for safety reasons.

Do nypd issued guns have manual safety switch?

I'm reasonably sure they do not. If I remember correctly, NYPD issues the Glock 19, which do not have a manual safety lever. Glocks do however have a trigger safety which deactivates when you put your finger on the trigger.

Where is the safety on a rhom 22 revolver?

It's your control of your trigger finger. There is no safety device on a Rohm revolver.

What year did Browning change from the front safety to the cross bolt safety on the classic A5 shotgun?


Is there a 12guage browning with a up front safety?

You must clearly describe what "up front safety" means to do.