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Where is serial number on chickering baby grand piano?

On some models of Chickering pianos the serial number can be found by removing the four screws under the very front of the piano and removing the piece of wood covering the front of the keys.

What year was chickering baby grand piano made with serial number 242724?


What is the age of a Chickering and sons quarter grand piano with a serial number 130848?


How old is chickering piano serial number 15571?

Hi, I had a cottage piano #15676 which was 1876 -the '76' has nothing to do with the year. A cottage piano is an upright grand.

Where is the serial number on a chickering square grand piano?

i own the 26th chickering grand piano made. the serial# is 126 and chickering started making pianos in 1823 starting with serial# 100. took some time to find the number but it is about one inch high and located on the very end of the main frame, the opposite side of the chickering name stamped into the metal in the lower left habde corner wiith also the word Boston This is not the serial number but, rather, the scale number. The piano, if it looks like anything you have ever seen before, is much older than you suggest. Is it a grand? Robin

What is the value of a Chickering concert grand piano with serial number 105D?

105D isnt the serial number its the model of Chickering piano like a Steinway model D. To know the value, you need to see the state of the piano. A piano looses value since its deteroirating when played, unlike a violin who stays ok, you just have to replace the strings. So look for a number like 33125 or 102135 thats the serial number and that will tell you which year it has been made.

Chickering piano that is a the anniversary grand the serial number can't be found wondering if anyone knows what years the the anniversary grand was manufactured?

I have one. It was manufactured in 1923, the 100th year anniversary of the Chickering company.

What is the meaning of a chickering piano?

A Chickering piano is a brand of piano made by the famous piano makers Chickering and Sons who were located in Boston. They made many pianos that are still used to this day.

What year was a chickering square grand piano built serial?

I own an 1883 Chickering square grand piano and the serial number was branded into the wood behind the keyboard. Where yours is will depend on the age of your piano since styles and sizes changed over time. If it was also restored at one time the restorer may not have replaced the number during restoration. If you go to Actionpianos webpage you can see a picture of my piano. I have had it for 7 months, I play it all the time and it sounds and looks wonderful. Chickering pianos are worthy of restoration. (in fairness, if i could, i would restore and horde every antique piano)

What does it mean if a Chickering Quarter Grand has NO serial number. An antique piano appraiser with 41 years of experience and 3 otherpiano tuners could not find a serial number?

It's possible that pianos of the era didn't have serial numbers.

Where to look to find serial number of Chickering Model 121 quarter grand piano?

I own a 1909 model 121 Chickering quarter grand with the serial number printed in black on the left "rib" of the piano's metal plate, just in front of the dampers and near the tuning pins in the tenor section of the scale.

How old is a Chickering and Sons Piano Serial Nmbr 31881?

After hours of research & posting the question here I have found the answer. This particular piano was built in 1867.

What is the age of a Chickering and sons quarter grand piano with a model number 135?

188 years

Where is the serial number on a kranich and bach upright piano?

where is my serial number on my kranich&bach piano

What is the value of a Chickering and sons upright piano with serial number 107183?

The value of a piano is not based upon its serial number (or age) - this piano being built between 1905 and 1910. More important is the condition of the piano. Does it need new hammers? How is the cabinet? How is the voicing? What are the condition of the strings? You might want to try the following website to get a better idea... Good luck. Mark Griggs

How old is this Baldwin piano serial?

How old is this piano with serial number 1510355

How old is a piano with serial number 65053?

How old is a Kranich & Bach piano with serial number 65053?

What is the value of Wurlitzer piano with serial number?

what is the value of a wurlitzer piano serial number 2021688

Where is serial number located on a howard upright piano?

where is the serial number or model number located on a Howard/baldin piano

Where is the serial number on gulbransen baby grand piano?

where can i find the serial number on my gulbransen baby grand piano

What is the age of your werlein piano with the serial number 205860?

My werlein piano has the serial number 205860, what year was it made?

How old is your krell piano serial number 14784?

The krell piano serial 10533

What is the history of a William Knabe piano serial number 153595?

Based on the serial number, the piano was built in the early 1890s. The "gold medal" means very little. Medals were given to the major piano makers during world fairs, etc. but the practice was really more of a marketing gimick than anything else. That being said, Knabe was one of the four best American piano makers at that time (including Steinway, Mason & Hamlin, and Chickering).

How old is your Whitney Chicago piano with serial number 149771?

How old is Whitney chicago piano with serial number 139896

What is the age of sohmer and co piano serial number 37170?

What is the age of sohmer and co piano serial number 46400

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