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The No 26 Crack Shot was built from 1913 to 1939. That version of the company name was not used until 1920, when Stevens became a division of Savage Arms. Regarding a rifle stamped J. Stevens A. T. Co. Pat. 1794: The name J. Stevens Arms & Tool Co, (or A&T Co) was used from 1886 to 1916. That patent date (April 17, '94 is 1894, not 1794) appears on several models. Whichever model you have seen, it must have been made sometime between 1894 and 1916. Without knowing the model and condition, I can't give you a value. It could be $125 for a #12 in poor condition to $2800 for a #54 in excellent condition.

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Q: What is the age of a J Stevens Arms Co No 26 Crack Shot rifle?
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What is the age of a J Stevens Arms Co No 54 Crack Shot rifle?

The stevens model 54 crack shot rifle was made by savage/stevens from 1933-1942.There was a total production of 23,500 rifles made during that time span.

What is the value of a 22 caliber single shot rifle It's a Crack shot 28 lever action long rifle made by J Stevens arms and tool co?

sears sold this rifle in the 70s sears sold this rifle in the 70s

What is the value of a Stevens Arms and tool co 22 l r crack shot rifle stamped s 235?

50-125 USD

What is the value of a J Stevens Arms Tool Co 22 Long Rifle Crack-shot rifle?

Of course rifle condition is a big factor. If its mint condition I would say about $275

How old is a Stevens Crack-Shot 22 long rifle?

the Stevens model 16 sidelever was made from 1900 to 1913

What is the age of j Stevens tool and arms company 32 short crack shot ser.?

Please include the model number and serial number if it can be seen to get a accurate age to your rifle.

How can you find out the manufacture date of a j Stevens arms and tool co 32 crack-shot with pat app'd for on the barrel?

The Stevens No. 16, also marked Crack Shot, was manufactured between 1900 and 1913.

How much is a J Stevens arms and Co gun pat April 22 1913 US 22 long rifle crack shot 26?

any crack shot riffel is worth bout 400 and up i was offerd 700 for mine.

What is the dimensions of a J Stevens crack shot 22 long rifle?

It is about 31-32 inches, total. It appears to be a 22 rifle for a child. Single shot, lever action. Very cool!

What is the value of a 22 LR patented Apr 22 1913?

crack shot 26 questionam searching for value of a crack shot26 long rifle by j. Stevens arms and tools chicopee falls mass usa pat. date April 22,1913

When was the Stevens model 125 made?

The Stevens Model 125, a 22 caliber Bolt-Action, Single-Shot rifle was manufactured between the years of 1898 and 1912 in Westfield, Massachusetts by The Stevens Arms Co.If you Have a Stevens Model 125 with Savage also on the barrel than you have a gun manufactured by The Savage Arms Co. and it would have been made after 1920 when Savage Arms purchased Stevens Arms.I have a Stevens Savage 22 bolt action single shot 22 rifle model 125 and have yet to find the date of manufacture for it. wwworth

Who manafactured the crack shot 22?


You have a j Stevens arms and tool company crack shot made in chicopeefalls mass 22 long rifle marked behind the trigger guard is stamped L 47?

Very nice. I wish I had one. Did you have a question about it?

What is the value of a J Stevens Arms and Tool 22 long rifle patent 1913 that says Crack Shot 26?

Any of the Stevens Boy's Rifles, including the #26 Crack Shot, are very rarely found in excellent condition. Only makes sense considering how the guns were marketed. Any Crack Shot in original excellent condition would easily sell for $400 or more, but guns in typical condition for the model are selling in the $125-$175 range.

What year was a 44 shot rifle lever action single shot made by J Stevens Arms Tool Co?

it was made approx. 1896-1916

You arelooking for information on a crack shot 22 long rifle by Stevens arms a tool co would be greatly appreciated earl-w?

You should go to General Discussion forum and you will find people ready to assist you

Where can you find parts for j Stevens crack shot 22 rifle?

Take a look at Numrich gun parts corp.They may be found on the web.

What is the value of a 26 crack shot?

what is the value of a j. stevens crack shot 26,22 caliber s/n 18

What is value of a J Stevens Arms company 22-caliber single shot lever action rifle model Z747?

35-125 USD

How old is the Stevens model 89 22 rifle?

The Stevens model 89,22cal lever action single shot rifle was made in 1976-then discontinued.

Value of Stevens 73y single shot rifle?

50.00 dollars

What is the value and age of a Stevens arms 32 caliber long single shot rim fire rifle?

Impossible to answer. No description of finish, condition, box, papers, accessories.

What is the value of a J Stevens Arms Co Crackshot 26 patented April 22 1913?

got qouted 400 euros for a mint condition crack shot 26

When was model 89 savage arms rifle made?

If we are talking about a lever action single shot ,22cal rifle,with a 18in barrel,and Martini style action?These savage/stevens model 89 rifles were made in 1976.

What is the value of a 22 caliber Springfield J Stevens Arms Company single shot rifle in fairly poor shape?

$50, maybe less depending on how poor shape it is in.