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My deerslayer doesn't have any Ser# marked on the receiver. I was told that early productions from the 1960's didn't have them on the receiver but somewhere else...Can anyone tell me anything? Thanks, Chris

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What is the age and value of an Ithaca model 37 deerslayer featherlight Serial 714156?

What is the condition of the gun and the barrel length?

What is the age of Ithaca Deerslayer model 371497874?


What year was your Ithaca deerslayer serial number 371719500 made?

1980 serial number 371671001 - 371690000 now thats year for the M37 all models including deerslayer. You can do some research and find out exact model and value

What is the difference between Ithaca model 51 Featherweight and a Ithaca model 51 deerslayer?

Technically they are both "Featherweight", but the Deerslayer had a shorter barrel with rifle sights for shooting slugs or buckshot. It could also be fitted with a scope.

What is the age and value of an Ithaca Featherlight Deerslayer 12ga 234 pump model 371564993?

The Featherlight Deerslayer 12 gauge is a hunting rifle made by the Ithaca Gun Company. These guns are very modern and are worth around 1,000 dollars.

Where can you get a Deerslayer barrel for an Ithaca Model 37?

Watch - they often have barrels listed. Also you might try Ithaca Gun USA, a company that has picked up the rights to manufacture the Model 37.

Ithaca model 37 featherweight deerslayer and you are looking for a barrel for shooting ducks and maybe trap shooting?

trevor jeffrey

How do you know how old your Ithaca gun is?

You can tell how old your Ithaca gun is by the model and serial number

What is the model of Ithaca 37 serial 371382659 and when was it made?

The Model is "37," with the grade identified by a name (such as "Featherlight" or "Deerslayer") or a letter. Otherwise, it is a Field Grade, either Standard (2 3/4" chamber) or Magnum (3" chamber). I am aware of no public listing of Model 37 manufacture dates, but IDSA Books publishes Ithaca Featherlight Repeaters. They're on the net. However, your serial number denotes a fairly recent manufacture). 1973

What is the date of manufacture of a model 37 Ithaca SN 604349?

The serial number indicates Ithaca manufactured your Model 37 in 1956.

What is the value of a Ithaca deerslayer 20 gauge pump model 37?

I'd like to know too! I have an opportunity to purchase a "new" looking deerslayer that I am told is ten years old. The seller wants $500. Is that too much?

Ithaca model 37 featherlite Serial 371261352?


How do you determine what model and year of Ithaca shot gun you have?

By the serial #

What is the value of Ithaca model XL900 serial no S1997289?


How old is a Ithaca double barrel shotgun serial 354979?

Its an Ithaca Flues model made in 1921

What year is Ithaca Model 37 serial no 370020922?

The Model 37 was mfg in 1969.

What year is an Ithaca serial number of 327286?

You would need to include the model number or name of your Ithaca firearm,along with the serial number to get the correct answer.

How old is a Ithaca hammerless double barrel with serial number 88766?

Your serial number indicates that you have a Ithaca crass model double,that was made in 1903.

How old is an Ithaca double barrel 16 gauge serial 149853?

You have an Ithaca Miner model made in 1907

What is the age of an Ithaca Model 37 serial number 127973?


What is the age of an Ithaca Model 37 serial 15401?

Made in 1939

What year Ithaca model 37 serial number 371091518?


When was Ithaca model 37 serial number 138451 built?


What is the age of an Ithaca model 37 serial no 864397?

Made in 1963

What year was Ithaca model 37 serial number 371081657 made?

Made in 1969. Info from Ithaca Gun Co. serial number check chart.

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