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When they are the legal age of majority which in Alabama is 19.

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Q: What is the age that a person is financially liable for medical bills in Alabama?
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Can a person be held liable for a persons medical bills by yelling at them?

No. They are liable if they are the party that accepted the responsibility for the medical bills that are coming due.

Does having power of attorney for someone incarcerated make you financially liable?

You are not personally responsible for any debts or obligations incurred by the incarcerated person. HOWEVER, the POA makes you a 'steward' of that person's property and if you squander or 'waste' it while administering it you could be held liable.

Where can a person get medical grade cannabis in Alabama?

don't ask us ask your family

Can the surviving spouse's wages be garnished for the deceased spouses medical bills?

No - the surviving spouse is not liable for the deceased person's bills !

If warning sign is posted and a person neglects the sign who is held liable?

The person liable is the person who ignored the warning.

Does your liability insurance cover medical for a person if you were not driving?

Your liability insurance does not cover medical expenses in your vehicle no matter who is driving. Depending on your state and the regulations there, this could vary somewhat. Liability is coverage for the party and passengers in a vehicle that you hit if you are at fault. If you are talking about a person in the other car then yes, but if you mean a person in your car the answer is no. You need to purchase "Medical Payments" or PIP coverage to provide medical coverage fro those in your car.

If you loan your car to someone and they have an accident are you liable for medical costs?

Only if the crash was a result of a mechanical defect in the car, and you knew of the defect before loaning the car to them. If the crash resulted from their actions while driving (or another person's), you are not liable. If the person driving your car was at fault, you will be responsible for any damages.

Are you liable for a person parking in front of your house?

Liable for what? A parking ticket? Not if it isn't your car.

Who was a person who is financially supportive?


Can a person be convicted in Florida for a warrant in Alabama?

If there is an Alabama warrant for a person, that means the person is wanted in Alabama. If the person is in Florida, the Florida court system would determine whether the person should be extradited to Alabama. A decision to extradite is not a conviction, merely a determination that Alabama has done what is necessary to have the person turned over to Alabama authorities for legal process that probably includes a trial.

Is an uninsured driver financially responsible for accident damages in an insured car?

Both the permissive use driver and the vehicle owner(s) are financially liable jointly and severally for all damages and injuries sustained in an "at fault" accident. Both can be sued. If you were driving and at fault. Then you are the person most directly responsible for causing the accident and you are financially liable. If the owner gave you permission to drive the vehicle, although he's not at fault, he is also financially liable because it's his car and he's the one who allowed you to drive the car. If you are not a covered driver under the terms and definitions of the owners policy then the insurance company will not pay for the accident. We should never borrow or loan out a vehicle without first verifying the driver will be covered under the policy.

If a person is living on your property and gets in trouble are you liable?

You are liable for felonies, but otherwise not for anything else.

What does severally liable mean?

The term severally liable means that a person, company, or place is responsible for the upkeep of an establishment, property, or service. If the person, company, or place is not following the responsibilities they are liable which means they can be sued for money.

If someone else crashes your car are they liable?

Yes the person crashed the car is directly liable, but if you gave him the car and he was drunk or etc. you are also liable

What is A financially stable person is able to?

Save money APEX

As a landlord can you rent to illegal immigrant?

I am the person posting question....Just found out that my leasee, without my prior knowledge, now has an illegal living in the apartment I intially rented to him. If I know about the status, am I financially liable as to being fined by US/or locals?

Rear ended in California with a lapse in auto insurance is the person that hit you still responsible for medical injuries?

I am not familiar with California laws but... In 99% of cases, the person who rear-end's you is at fault. If the other person is at fault, they are liable for damages and medical injuries. The fact that you are not insured does not make the at fault driver not responsible for damages and injuries that he or she causes.

Are parents liable for 18-year-old's actions?

In almost every US state, the age of majority is 18. This means a person who reaches that age is an adult and is fully responsible for themselves. The parents are no longer liable for any of their actions. The states with an exception are Alabama and Nebraska which are age 19 and Mississippi which is age 21.

Who is liable for Turnover tax?

The person whose annual turnover is above 5,00,000. He is liable to pay tot tax

What is an Alabama firefighter?

A person that fights or puts out fires in Alabama.

If a waiver of statutory right to make funeral arrangements and designate final dispostion is signed by a surviving child over to the decedent's mother who is financially responsible for the burial?

The estate will be responsible for the burial costs, but the person making the arrangements may be held liable.

When a person dies is the remaining daughter responsible for the debt of credit cards?

No. The deceased person's estate is liable for any of the debts of that person, but heirs are not liable for debts if the assets in the estate are not enough to cover the debts.

How to get a visa for disabled person to the US?

A disability will not prevent a person from getting a visa. A disabled person is able to have a person to assist in the consulate. But the sponsor or applicant themselves would be liable for his medical expenses while in the US. Other than this the process is as the same for everyone else.

Is the person who cosigned for a rental agreement liable after 2 years?

The signers on a lease are liable for charges during the term of the lease.

Who is liable if you are hit by a golf ball at a golf course?

The person who caused the damaged is generally the one who is liable and has to pay for the damages.

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