What is the air combat victory ratio of the F-15C?

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What is the air to fuel ratio for LPG?

17:1 for a mixture of 50% propane and 50% butane. propane-butane percentage differ from country to countr, so aslo the air to fuel ratio is a little diferetn.

What is air fuel ratio?

Answer . Air to fuel ratio is the ratio between the weight of air to the weight of fuel, for example: 14.7 pounds of air to 1 pound of fuel would be a air:fuel ratio of 14.7:1. This particular example is called the stoichiometric ratio for gasoline...it's ideal ratio in order to efficiently use ( Full Answer )

How do you change air gas ratio on your motorcycle?

Your motorcycle has to be "re-jetted" if its a carborated motor. If its electronic fuel injection, it would have to be reprogrammed and hooked up to a dyno machine. Some EFI motors can receive downloads from a computer--this is done by the service department at a dealership however (its not somethin ( Full Answer )

Who had the most World War 1 air combat kills?

Here are the top 5.. Manfred von Richthofen Germany 80 kills. Rene Fonck France 75. Edward Mannock Great Britain (Ireland) 73 . William Bishop Great Britain (Canada) 73. Ernst Udet Germany 62

Why is air-to-air combat called dogfighting?

Because like dogs, the strategy of the planes is to get behind the other. In a dog fight, dogs stay close to each other and try to get at the other without getting bit themselves.

What is the air fuel ratio in a diesel cycle?

32A diesel engine has no throttle plate so it always takes in maximum amount of air and the fuel injected is varied according to load, rpm. It ranges from 50:1 or leaner at idle to stoichiometric ratio (dont think its the same as petrols) at full load. It can vary from near 100:1 at no load to un ( Full Answer )

What is F-ratio?

The F-ratio is a statistical ratio which arises as the ratio of two chi-square distributions.. If X and Y are two random variables which are independent and approximately normally distributed, then their variances have chi-squared distributions. The ration of these chi-square distributions, approp ( Full Answer )

Did The Air force have combat troops on the ground in Vietnam?

The Vietnam War was America's last traditional 20th century war:. 1. The last use of propeller driven attack warplanes (A-1 Skyraider: Shown in Film; "Rescue Dawn").. 2. The last use of the fixed-wing single engined Artillery Observation Airplanes (0-1 Bird-Dog, for adjusting Artillery fire).. 3. ( Full Answer )

What is the super etendard air combat record?

Super Etendard is a carrier borne fighter aircraft designed byDassault-Breguet of France. It entered service with French Navy in1978 and is still in use. Apart from France Argentina and Iraq haveused this type. Argentina employed it in Falklands war in 1982 andit successfully sunk HMS Sheffield and ( Full Answer )

What is mean by air fuel ratio?

the ratio of the amount (mass) of air to fuel. Ideal is 14.7 lbs of air to 1 lb of fuel to completely burn air the fuel. A slightly rich raitio of about 12.5:1 car produce more power at the expense of emissions.

How do MOT tests help combat air pollution?

As engines grow older their combustion quality degrades which results in higher levels of pollutant in the exhaust fumes. An MOT test (required annually for cars older than 3 years) includes a test of the exhaust fumes to identify problems with either the engine, or the exhaust / catalytic converto ( Full Answer )

What war has the most air combat?

Manned flying machines (not balloons, gliders or parachutes) used in combat began about 1911 with the Italians.. 1. WWI (1914-1918) was the first general war involving mass numbers of aircraft, globally, including in Asia and Mexico.. 2. WWII (beginning with the United States 1941-1945-the US prod ( Full Answer )

What was the longest air combat in the history?

The longest jet dog-fight was between a US Marine pilot flying an F8 Crusader against a NVAF MiG17 during the Vietnam War. The Crusader's 20mm guns jammed and he stayed with the MiG anyway & the MiG did the same; they both ran nearly out of fuel and both went their separate ways. This was aired on t ( Full Answer )

The F-ratio is a ratio of what?

Applied to focusing lenses and mirrors, including telescopes, binoculars, and cameras, the focal ratio or 'F-number' is. (the focal length of the lens or mirror) divided by (its aperture or diameter)

How do you install air fuel ratio gauge?

Air fuel ratio gauges rely on a sensor that is very much like an O2 sensor used in a car's emmission system. Therefore you would have to have 'bung' drilled and welded into your cars exhaust system to mount the sensor for the air/fuel gauge. After that, run the wiring and mount the gauge like any ot ( Full Answer )

Does the us air force engage in ground combat?

The USAF was created in 1947. Their first war was the Korean War (1950-1953); their second war was Vietnam (late fifties into 1975). During those years the USAF DID NOT officially engage in ground combat. That was the US Army's job.. POST Vietnam; the USAF now has special operations personnel units ( Full Answer )

What is the F-14s air to air combat record?

The F14 Tomcat shot down a jet or two during quick operations under President Reagan in the 1980s but no US jet, since Vietnam, has shot down 5 or more jets in aerial combat giving it "ace" status. The last ace jets were the McDonnell Douglas F4 Phantom IIs. Refer to the F14s website for further det ( Full Answer )

Ratio of nitrogen and oxygen in the air?

80% nitrogen, 20% oxygen however it's really 79% plus some decimals of nitrogen and 21% oxygen and a little moisture. But if the question is only looking for a basic answer, just use the top answer.

What was the longest air combat in the Korean War?

As far is known, the longest dog-fight in the Viet War was a 10 minute duel between a USN F8 Crusader and a MiG17 in 1967. It would be fair to state that that time limit would probably apply to the Korean War too.

Why is fuel air ratio measured in grams?

Its not. Its measured in lbs of fuel to lbs of air at STP conditions. This is of course assuming you're in the US, otherwiese i dont know.

US Air to Air Victories in the Vietnam War?

USN airmen claimed 61 NVAF MiG kills, the USAF claimed the same number. This would include the F4 Phantom II aces Ritchie & Cunningham & two B52 Stratofortress bomber tail gunners. Both of their B52s have been preserved as memorials. The two "ace" F4s may have been destroyed over the skies of North ( Full Answer )

How did the air force combat the blitz?

The "Battle of Britain" was nearly identical to the US air offensive against North Vietnam during the Vietnam war. During the battle of Britain German twin engine bombers and ME109 fighters bombed England while the British Hawker Hurricanes and Spitfires went up to meet them. Many German airmen beca ( Full Answer )

Vietnam Air Force combat records?

Are you asking a question about the South Vietnamese Air Force? If so, their records are most likely destroyed...South Vietnam was conquered by the North Vietnam approximately 35 years ago. The former North Vietnamese Air Force has existing records, and most of theirs have already been published in ( Full Answer )

What does the US Air Force Combat Control Team do?

The Air Force Combat Controllers do a variety of jobs that include Airfield Assault Zone Establishment, Special Reconaissance, Air Traffic Control, Fire Support, Command, Control, and Communications... The primary CCT mission is to deploy undetected into austere environments. This is when they ca ( Full Answer )

What do combat controllers in the air force do when not on missions?

I think they are doing also the operation stuff, arranging the schedule for the flights , make an approval for the aircrafts to fly, managing and keeping the sky from the enemies and hostiles, handle and control the fighters aircraft during the normal and training missions.

When does the iCarly-victorious crossover air?

So far, it's only confirmed to air this year, although it will probably be in either the first half, or in the summer when more people are watching Nickelodeon. It's quite likely that it will air within a few months, as there are only two other iCarly episodes that are yet-to-air.

How many air combat victories was the red baron credited with?

He was officially credited with 80 downed aircraft. He shot down some aircraft that he did NOT receive credit and some say he was given credit that he did not down---his wingman downed it. Also, he was responsible for almost the same number of enemy aircraft killed. Some enemy pilots he shot down su ( Full Answer )

What is the ratio of men killed in the air - force?

Compared to what? Men who die in general? Men who are killed? Men who are in any of the armed forces? This is key to answering your question. Also, in which counrty? Or world-wide?

What is stiochiometric air fuel ratio?

It is when the "correct" air to fuel ratio is used to completely burn the fuel in question in an internal combustion engine. If exactly the correct amount of air is used this is called the stoichiometric mix.

Will Victorious go off air?

Yes, every tv show will go off air sooner or later. Since this is a highschool oriented cast, it will go off air when the star of Victorious does.

What is 5c in milliliters?

5cc? cc means cubic centimetres which is equal to ml, so 5ml. if you mean cl, then that is equal to 50ml

How do you combat dry air in a house?

A central, furnace mounted, humidifier works well and for difficult areas portable humidifiers (large capacity) work well (remember to clean them frequently.)

Who has the lock on modern air combat?

The lock to modern air combat would most likely be the United States of America. With one of the worlds largest and strongest militaries in the world, it is considered the most technologically advanced in aeronautics.

What does air to air combat refer to?

Air to air combat refers to an air battle between two or more planes. The main aim is for one plane to destroy one or more enemy planes to win a battle.

Where is the headquarters for the Air Combat USA flight school?

Air Combat USA are the innovators of air combat training for civilians. No pilot's licence is required and guests fly with real military fighter pilots. Headquarters is situated at 3815 West Commonwealth Avenue, Fullerton, CA 92833.

IPhone 5c vs. iPad air which is the best?

It really depends on what you want to use it for. If you need a new phone, obviously the iPhone is probably going to be the most convenient (and ultimately most cost-effective) option. Also, if you like the option of bringing the device with you wherever you go and being able to fit it into your poc ( Full Answer )

After the U.S. Air Force academy do you have to go into combat?

No. You are on active duty, and required to go through whichevertechnical school your specialty requires, which means you are noteligible for deployment until fully qualified (there are exceptionsto this where individuals awaiting class dates may deploy innon-specialty positions, such as convoy duty ( Full Answer )