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12% Alcohol By Volume

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Q: What is the alcohol content of a four loko?
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What is in four LOKO beverage?

Four loko's contain 12% alcohol which is equivalent to the amount of alcohol in approximately 4 beers. It also contains a LOT of sugar, and the ingredients in your standard energy drink.

When was Four Loko created?

Four Loko was created in 2006.

Can a four loko expire?


How long can four loko be out of a refrigerator?

The only danger of leaving Four Loko out of the refrigerator is that your drink will become warm.

How many beers is equal to 1 four loko?

Four Loko is not good for you, you shouldn't be drinking it and it's banned from stores.

Which is the most dangerous energy drink?

Four Loko, enough energy equal to about three 16oz of Red Bull and alcohol concentration equal to four 8oz of beer.

Does four loko have cocaine in it?


What is the alcohol content in a four loco?

Four Lokos are 12% ABV

What actors and actresses appeared in Four Loko Vineyards - 2011?

The cast of Four Loko Vineyards - 2011 includes: Don Johnson Ryan Perez

What states have banned four loko?

So far, that I've seen. Michigan, Maryland, Washington, and Colorado have banned four loko from being sold.

How many calories in four loko?

approximately 660

How many beers equal a four loko?

1 four loko is 23.5 fl oz and 12% alcohol. That means that it has 2.82 fl oz of ethanol (23.5 * .12). 1 beer is 12 fl oz and can range from 3.5% - 7% (and some higher), but we'll use 5% as that is standard. That means that a beer has 0.60 fl oz of ethanol (12 * .05). If we take 2.82 / .6, we find that 1 can of four loko is equal to 4.7 cans of 5% alcohol beer. This is also the same a 4.7 shots of 80 proof alcohol. (1 shot is 1.5 fl oz at 40%)