What is the answer for deiters riddles on HorseIsle?

Saddle Isle.

Birds of a ____ flock together:Small Black Feather

Which two berries got beat up:Blueberry and Blackberry

What is a treatment for the doctor: Apple

You cannot use my name in a rhyming poem because nothing rhymes with me: Orange

I am a little green fiddler that plays at night:Grasshopper

My name could be mistaken for a squishy, four-walled box:Mushroom

I am someone that really likes chocolate:Coconut

What does a gingerbread man use when he gets old:Candy Cane

I am a sharply dressed feline, typically in yellow:Dandelion

Don't try to sew with me or I'll go squish:Thimble Berry

You Completed Dieter's Scavenger Hunt. You earned $3500 and 300 quest points.