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What is the answer to Lenny Conundrum 239 on Neopets?


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September 22, 2012 9:58PM

The answer to this Lenny Conundrum is Scorchio.

In order to solve this, you had to decode the following numbers: "3-6-6 15-25-6 10-6-15-3 12-6-7-10-24-26-6 23-1 15-25-6 4-3-6-2 15-25-19-3-12-6-6-18-3-20-5"

When decoded, they said "See the pets webpage of the User 'Thisweekslc'"

From there, you had to solve the puzzle on the pet's petpage. The pet's puzzle asks you, "What species of pet is Samuel the Pepet Crusader?" Samuel is a Scorchio.