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What is a joke?

A joke is a statement, question, or story used with the intent ofmaking someone laugh. Joke means to tell someone about a humorous conversation, orincident or a fictitious narration or a funny anecdote that isusually amusing and results in a refreshing laughter that is mostlyenjoyable unless a perso ( Full Answer )

Can you get a bag of lady bugs?

You can often get a bag of lady bugs from your local nurseries.They are very useful in getting rid of aphid infestations.

Jokes about old age?

I'm so old that Noah and I were shipmates together. I'm so old that Moses and I were foot soldiers together. I'm so old that Edison consulted me about music. If women ruled the world we all would still be living in caves but we would have curtains hanging in the entrance.

How old do you have to be to bag grocries at Kroger?

I am an Official at Krogers Inc. and you have to be at least above the age of 5 years old. You must be immature and throw the things the people buy at the floor. You also have to be old enough to put the eggs up your bum. P.s. you have to have a pepe size of at least 12 inches. Good day.

Are you joking?

i wont say you never said to say the answer it only said answer it but didnt say to write with letters boo

What is the joke in Mary Poppins when the old banker dies laughing?

The joke is:. "I know an old man with a wooden leg named Smith.". "Really? What's the name of his other leg?". You don't actually see him die, you only hear about it the next day in the park.. The only violence is a scene towards the end of the film, and arguably cut from some production version ( Full Answer )

What are jokes for?

Jokes exist to make people laugh. Jokes also exist to make smile onyour face also to make you happy whenever you are tense.

What jokes makes the grumpy old king laugh on Neopets?

The Grumpy Old King's humor scatters all over the humor spectrum. The joke he would be entertained by is random and different each and every time. There are no answers to be given. View the Related Links section for a handy guide on the Grumpy Old King game.

Is Lady Gaga secretly an old lady?

Lady Gaga (Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta) is currently (2012) 26 years old. As far as ethnic background, she's Italian. But she wasn't born in italy. She lived in New York for most of her life with her parents, and moved downtown to broadway when she was 19. She currently has no home of her ( Full Answer )

Jokes for an 80 year old?

Here's one: An 88-year old man, who had been in pretty good health most of his life, had visited his doctor several times regarding odd pains in his left leg. The doctor had done several tests and suggested a variety of remedies, but nothing seemed to work and the doctor was stumped. "Mr. Green," ( Full Answer )

Jokes for a 6 year old?

Jokes that contain toilet humor, i.e: butt jokes, fart jokes, toilet jokes, slapstick comedy, etc. Nothing too sophisticated.

Does Lady Gaga have eating disorder is joking?

Short answer: Yes. Lady Gaga has an eating disorder and was not joking when she said that the key to her slim figure was "all about starvation". Long answer: If you look through various photos of her from the kick start of her musical career to the pictures of her today, you can see a consider ( Full Answer )

Where is the old wind bag?

go to warlics zone start off at the tent go up and again the turn left the go forward and there it is its hard to see though

Publix bagging 14yr old?

Yes, you can get a job at Publix being 14 as a bagger or cashier.

How old is Lady Chablis?

Brenda Knox aka Lady Chablis was 59 years old when she died on September 8, 2016 (born Benjamin Knox , March 11, 1957).

What do jokes do?

To make people laugh if he or her is sad or to cheer him or her up.

Are there any Lady Gaga jokes if so what are they?

What does lady gaga get when she's ill? Fever What's lady gaga favourite food? Dirty ice cream What does lady gaga say when she's confused? Eh eh What's lady gaga scared of? Monster What happens to lady gaga when she is happy? Speechless

How old do you have to be a lady?

Age has nothing to do with being a lady or a gentleman. You are a lady or a gentleman if you know and use good manners at any age.

What is a funny joke for the grumpy old king?

Question: What do you do if fierce peophins has eaten too much tin of olives? Answer: you offering them a can of what what what Its totally random whether you win or no but this one seems pretty popular

Are yo mama jokes old?

No, and there's a famous YouTube channel called Yomama where youcan submit those kind of jokes and they could get animated. If you are asking if they have been around for a long time, thenyes, they have. Supposedly they came from slavery days. Slaves werechained together in groups of twelve. It was ( Full Answer )

Who was the old bag lady on gunsmoke?

Jeanette Nolan portrayed Dirty Sally. Ms. Nolan and Dack Rambo starred in the spin off series titled Dirty Sally , it aired for a short time.

Does bag morphine turn old?

Any substance that goes through time in a forward motion turns older at a rate in direct proportion to time.

What are good Lady Gaga jokes?

Many "good" Lady Gaga jokes are too inappropriate to be listed here. However, here are some suitably appropriate ones: How do you get Lady Gaga's attention? Poke her face. Why is Lady Gaga so sad? Because she had a bad romance. How do you entertain Lady Gaga? ...Just dance. Where does Lady Gaga kee ( Full Answer )

What jokes makes the grumpy old king laugh?

Q: When would you trust a family of confused Combobot for get angry at on Garon the Lupe? A: By can't her a joint of blue Anubis Cobrall ice lollies! Q: What is you make a flock of brave Chia find explore for Gadgadsbogen? A: When it's protected her a helmet of bubbling Alstaf Poogle Chomby ( Full Answer )

What is a bag lady?

\n. A bag lady is usually a woman who is homeless living on the streets and carrying her worldly possessions in a bag.

Where could one purchase ladies bags?

Ladies bags can be purchased in any department store such as Target, Walmart, and Macy's. If a more upscale bag is desired, the very popular Coach brand bag can be purchased in one of their regular or outlet stores.

What brands are popular for ladies laptop bags?

There are many popular brands for ladies laptop bags. They are offered to many people, both rich and poor. Brands such as Dell and Windows are considered the best.

Does Vera Bradley have ladies laptop bags?

Vera Bradley laptop bags, you have a full range of 12inch to 17inch, bags, prices ranging from £59.00 to £228.99, from your low key casual to your hippy chick styles for woman of all ages.

Where can I recycle my old grocery bags?

You can recycle old grocery bags by reusing them. Another way to recycle them is by donating them to stores and charities or reusing them for trash bags.

Where can one purchase cheap lady bags?

There are several places online where one may purchase cheap hand bags. The most popular websites would be sites such as Amazon or eBay. Some other good sites to check out would be "alibaba" and "lovershandbagsale".

Where can one purchase ladies hand bags?

One can purchase hand bags for ladies at stores that sell accessories for women. Some stores that sell these items are Macy's, JC Penney, and Nordstrom.

What are some wholesale options for ladies leather bags?

A good option for ladies leather bags at wholesale prices would be a store like Costco. Another option is online at dhgate or wholesalefashion92. Even sites such as Amazon an Ebay have good wholesale prices on bags.