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the answer is "The color of an orange"

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Q: What is the answer to the trick question what is the color of an orange?
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Right now it's orange. It used to be gray

What is orange and has 2 paws?

If it is orange and has stripes, I think that it is a tiger. If not, I have no idea. is this a trick question?

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Trick question. God doesn't have eyes.

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The sun?....are you joking? Yellow, orange it is too hard a question...not

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Yes. Please see the Related question below.

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Orange is the color Orange because of capital letters but with capital it is the fruit orange

Why does your nasal cannula prongs turn orange in color?

dry blood

When red and blue light shine on a white sheet the resulting color is?

The answer to your question is orange.

If you mix color orange and color yellow what color do i get?

Simply a lighter orange and and a more orange yellow.

What happened to the orange color onside the orange?

Nothing happened to the orange color on the outside of an orange

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Trick question, pixels do not emit light!

Color of the orange?

The color of oranges can be yellow or orange.