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[pectoralis major

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Q: What is the antagonist in reverse shoulder fly?
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What is the concentric joint for reverse fly?


What is muscle group is the antagonist of shoulder adduction?

the antagonist of adduction is the pectoralis major

What is the agonist and antagonist of the rotation of the shoulder?

anteriordelts andtriceps

Shoulder muscle that is the antagonist of the trapezius?

Shoulder adductors. Abduction means moving away from the median plane of the body and adduction means moving towards the median plane of the body.

Which muscle is the antagonist when performing a dumbbell shoulder press?

Latissimus Dorsi

How much should an average man chest press shoulder press preacher curl chest fly reverse delt?

chest press 310 shoulderpress 200 preachercurl 150 chest fly 290 reverse delt 110 those were the statistics of the American health society

What is the cost for a reverse shoulder replacement?


What is the synergist of latissimus dorsi?

The muscle of the pectoralis is antagonist to the latissimus dorsi during the shoulder adduction. The anterior fibers are involved in shoulder abduction when the shoulder is externally rotated.

Which muscles are the prime movers in a dumbbell prone fly?

Reverse dumbbell flys, also known as posterior deltoid raises, develop several key muscles areas. They strengthen the posterior aspect of the shoulder muscles called the deltoid. They work the supraspinatus, infraspinatus and the teres minor, which are the posterior muscles of the rotator cuff. Reverse dumbbell flys also target the upper back muscles which pull the shoulder blades toward each other.

When making a pentacle upon onesself do you go from forehead to left shoulder or from forehead to left shoulder and continue to rt breast then?

Forehead to left breast. Left breast to right shoulder. Right shoulder to left shoulder. Left shoulder to right breast. Right breast to forehead. This is for a blessing, for a banishing to it in reverse.

What muscles are the antagonist in shoulder circumduction?

The muscles that are involved in the circumduction of the shoulder joint are the pectoralis major, deltoid, supraspinatus, long head of triceps, biceps brachii, subscapularis, infraspinatus, coracobrachialis, teres major and minor and the latissimus dorsi.

Can an airplane reverse while in the air?

Planes cannot fly backwards.