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As odd as it may sound to anyone with a dirty mind, the feminine form of "master" is "mistress". Therefore, the proper title would likely be "Mistress of Ceremonies".

Alternate answer:Many will object to the use of either 'master' or 'mistress' as being sexist terminology.

'Madame of Ceremonies' just doesn't cut it; and 'Madam of Ceremonies' conjures up visions of whips, chains, and dungeons.

The neutral term 'emcee' (derived from the initials M.C.) might be a better choice. Another possibility, although somewhat archaic, is 'interlocutor.' The Italian, 'madrina dell'evento' is still sexist, but could slip under the radar. 'Facilitator' and 'coordinator' sound a little bureaucratic, but would be appropriate in many circumstances. Perhaps, borrowing a term from TV news, 'anchor' would serve the purpose.

I suggest the simple word, 'host' (and not 'hostess').

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This would be the Master of Ceremonies.

Another name for master of ceremonies?

Another name for master of ceremonies is to refer to the person as the emcee. The abbreviation of MC is often used by some rappers in their names.

What is another name for a master of ceremonies?

Grand Marshal

What is another name for toastmaster in a banquet?

Master of Ceremonies

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